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which lasted until March 5, 2004.


Well, technically nobody is a member now since the guild has been disbanded; however, I'm maintaining the information for the moment as I have some ideas what to do with some of it for a future website/service.

Membership Summary | Legend

Empress (Guild Leader): Mysstie Wolfestar (my little sisters: Nemmie, Tracey, Teresa, Vaultress the Vault Char, and Myssjunk my bazaar merchant)
Assitant Empress: Atana
Officers: Soulduster, Davnia(Tinian), Kaeran, Celila(Wyndsinger), Aubi, Laeoan, Enchantinone, Kojon, Kilis(Tilis), and Eclipsse

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Total Members: 124

Last Updated: March 17, 2004 7:30 PM

GenderNameMain?RankClassLevelRaceTZSkills,Play Time,Info
LordAarioch IIMainScholarCleric50Dark Elf I am Naelyur's alt and will always keep aarioch in this guild since this is where my EQ roots start.
LordAdared CoVKnightMonk28HumanESTEST
LordAdok MainScholarCleric30Dwarf  
LadyAerianna RaintreeMainScholarDruid55Wood ElfEST
LordAillan MainKnightRanger20Wood ElfCST4 to 10 Central
LordAkynaten CoVScholarMagician37High ElfPSTPacific Timezone, Now only until 12 midnight.
LordAragothorn MainKnightPaladin54HumanESTAfternoon, Evening
LordArrdour MainScholarDruid55HumanESTfishing at 200 so if anyone needs poles for potc quest let me know. All other skills 160-190ish except for jewelry and fletching.
LadyAtana WolfestarMainEmpressDruid65Wood ElfESTalts: Atanall, Atanette, Desirable, Vaultette (Guild Vault char), and Nogginie (mule overflow). you forgot sowslow sis...hehehe
LordAthame SpellcasterMainScholarWizard50Human  
LadyAubi GentlebreezeMainGreater ScholarEnchanter52Dark ElfCSTWorking on low Gold Jewelcraft , Master Linguist, Main Character is Darlea
LordAunset EverdingMainKnightWarrior59TrollGMT(UK)work permitting eve's and w'ends
LordAuudar MainScholarCleric57Dark ElfPSTAfter 6:00PM Fri-Sun
LordAxeum aurabladeMainKnightWarrior30Half ElfEST 
LordBaladeeme CoVKnightMonk31HumanCST(alt of Aumandrax)
LordBoramil BloodfeastMainKnightWarrior51Barbarian  
LordBreezedon MainKnightBard13Wood ElfCST8:30pm to 2:00am Central
LordBrubell CoVKnightMonk35TrollEST4-8pm EST on weekdays varies on the weekends (Brubel in HU is main)
LordBrymston MainKnightWarrior7TrollCSTBashing and making it longer than Khailee with out dying for the first time goal is 25 My main is Drevon I have no skill because Verent thinks Troll should be dumb in this game so int. is on 52 so Isee no sense in trying to gain skill ifI wanted a skill i would have started a High Elf or an Erudite LOL
LordBrymstorm EmberMainKnightShadow Knight52Troll  
LadyCelila MainGreater ScholarCleric52High ElfPSTAlt of Wyndsinger
LordCentor LoyalheartMainKnightMonk37Human  
LadyCerridwen WiccanwolfMainScholarDruid53Wood Elf making arrows,cooking,fishing, and kicking the crap outta critters. Athame is my real life sweetie, Persy is my RL best friend, Sesie and her Hubby Leonan are my rl good friends.
LordChath Del'ArmgoMainScholarWizard52Dark Elf  I basically blow things up and translocate people. Im not much of a tradesman.
LordCorenthar MainKnightWarrior40DwarfESTEST (alt of Parthios)
LordDaihawk belgarianMainScholarShaman59BarbarianPSTpotions (skill is a bit low but can handle sow requests) killing the vile creatures that infest norrath also known as glaeken and yokoda(alter egos )
LordDavnia SolisMainElite KnightRanger51Half ElfMSTFletching 202. PC's in guild: Tinian, Endicot, Cordonna, Chikatilo, Tegeus, Miniwarg, and Zaias.
LadyDawnfyre GryphonmoonMainScholarDruid30Wood ElfEST9pm-12am most evenings EST
Gryphias is my RL sweetie. Athame, Cerridwen, and Persyphone are my RL friends.
LadyDeesire MainScholarDruid34Wood Elf  
LordDemandred DracokynCoVScholarWizard31Dark Elf  
LordDichro EvenstarMainScholarEnchanter48High Elf Pottery 120, Baking 130
LordDudon SaevineMainKnightShadow Knight53IksarEST6pm-1am+ on sun, tues,weds,thurs, and fri nites al
LordEclipsse NyteshadeMainScholarDruid65HalflingESTBirthdate: July 19, 2002 (chars), days played 40 at 59 when dinged :)
LordEiswulf DogrobberMainKnightPaladin52DwarfPST 
LadyEnchantinone MainGreater ScholarEnchanter65High ElfESTGM In  Jewelry, research 200 (alts: Sesie, Sesette)
LordErok MainScholarShaman57Barbarian  
LordFillnore RhuarcMainKnightPaladin48DwarfEST 
LadyFirestarre MainKnightWarrior41Vah ShirCSTEvenings, Central
LordFizzman FizzlespellMainScholarWizard61EruditeCSTCentral
LadyGaeriel CaptisonMainScholarEnchanter54High ElfCSTweekday evenings after 9:30ish and weekends, CST
LordGknormen PeitorsunMainKnightWarrior20Gnome talioring 42 brewing 70+
LordGrendyle MainKnightWarrior38Barbarian  
LordGrosse BlitzenMainKnightWarrior52BarbarianESTEvenings and Weekends
LordGryphias GryphonmoonMainKnightPaladin27Half ElfEST9pm-12am most evenings EST. Dawnfyre is my rl love and life partner. Cerridwen, Athame, Persyphone are my rl friends. I love to do hit and run buffs even though I only have two moderately decent ones to give out.
LordGsis KristeMainKnightMonk29Iksar sorry bout the level thing .. ive wanted to do it since we started this thing (ok, back to where you belong - Mysstie)
LordJaraza MainKnightWarrior58IksarESTdifferent times
LordJugg Le'endriagoMainKnightWarrior61OgreEST(alt of Fainllight) 7-11 EST weekdays all day weekends
LadyKaarma MainKnightBard47Wood ElfPSTafter 10 pm or mid afternoon pst
LordKaeran TruefriendMainGreater ScholarDruid60Half ElfMSTLinguist PCs in Guild Alodari, Laldyen, Larreka, Nilierno, Nirrdan, Ninidan, and Karlov
LordKaladace JodahMainScholarShaman53Barbarian Alchemy
LadyKalolina MainScholarDruid44Wood Elf  
LordKching KachingMainKnightRogue38HalflingCST8:00am and 6:00pm
LordKeieler FurlootMainKnightWarrior39Vah Shir  
LordKingbeast MainScholarBeastlord19IksarMSTusualy after 10PM
LordKinnder EdspiritCoVScholarCleric25Gnome gnome extraordinare please feel free to give sumelen a tell if you need a cleric in this lvl range
LordKojon ZillaMainElite KnightWarrior64IksarESTThe Mighty Kojon Zilla! Husband of Atanette Zilla!
LordKuvaren MainKnightBard6Half Elf  
LadyLacer CoVScholarEnchanter20Human (HU)
LordLaeoan SwiftfeetMainGreater ScholarDruid60HumanESTWorking on a strong come back to catch up. Master at many traids just ask I would be glade to help. My alt. are all in COV (Lonadar my mnk., Itnass my war.) Sesie is my rl wife(LOVE YOU HUN !!), and Persyphone is my rl sister. Lets all just keep in mind it's just a game,not real life.
????Liabeau MainKnightRanger34Half Elf  
LordLildrummer 'SsongCoVKnightBard31Half Elf Loving husband of Kinie. Also Trexer, Surrend and Thwump.
LordLimo CoVScholarDruid29Half Elf (a mule mostly)
LordLuclen StargazerMainScholarDruid51Wood ElfEST2pm-5am
LordMaac VaaliantCoVKnightPaladin53Human 202 fletching, 149 baking, 122 potter, poison/die maker. professional corpse retreival.
LadyMachawt MitsurugiMainScholarEnchanter47High Elf collecting sprinkles for poptarts!
LadyMaida FashionplateCoVScholarCleric33High Elf (alt of Troye)
LordMarconious AltKnightRanger26HumanCST(Retired)
LordMicus CoVKnightWarrior51HumanPST3pm to 10pm PST
LordMikkyo MainKnightRanger56Wood ElfESTMaster Fletcher - 187; Master Cliff Jumper(fell off Cliff at Highhold Pass... and lived! barely)Troublemaker Extraordinaire & Finder of Certain Doom, survivor of the DEATH SQUAD. Play times: mon-wed 10a-12a, Thur/Fri 10a-afternoon EST, some weekends.
LordMinethos MainKnightWarrior15DwarfCSTCentral
LadyMisstyca MysteriaCoVKnightRogue35Dark ElfCSTEvenings
LadyMoriah CoVScholarNecromancer39Erudite  
LordMotton MainScholarDruid47HalflingCSTCentral
LadyMyssjunk AltScholarDruid2Wood ElfCSTMysstie's holder/seller of junk in the bazaar.
LadyMysstie WolfestarMainEmpressDruid60Wood ElfCSTSoulduster's loving wife | Master Tailor, Brewer, Potter, and Linguist | Play Evening-Early Morning M-F and either alot or not much on weekends. Tracey, Nemmie, Teresa, Vaultress, and Myssjunk are my others.

(made 55th on 10/9/2001, 56th on 1/25/2002, 57th on 4/29/2002, 58th on 10/19/2002, 59th on 1/23/2003, 60th on 2/23/2003) Test
LadyNemmie AltScholarEnchanter16Dark ElfCSTJewel Craft (36), Mysstie is my main, Collector of Robes
LadyNypeal MainScholarMagician7HumanPST(alt of Daarkhealer)
LordPanbas MainScholarDruid18Wood ElfCSTWhenever I have free time
LadyPersyphone BriggittMainScholarDruid30Wood Elf persy is my only character. Laeoan is my real life brother and athame and cerridwen are my real best friends :) Master at being the quite one in the guild
LordPhaton CoVScholarEnchanter52High Elf Grandmaster Jeweler (250) Grandmaster Fletcher (200) Master Potter (189) Master Baker (135) Master Tailor (157) Master Brewer (174) Master Smith (140) Oxxan is my Primary.
LordPhenoix MainScholarDruid53Wood Elf Hello everyone .. my name is Phenoix. Yes my name is Phenoix. I am an unusual WE druid. I have been diagnosed with a symptom commonly known as schitzophrenia(spelling?). Sometimes i am a mother .. or sometimes i am a teenager. PLease, if you have an antidote, give it to me please 8) muwhahahahah oh, i also port to almost everywhere too .. dont be shy to ask me, i might say no, i might say yes, pending on if im grouped or not. Laterz
LadyPikfani MainScholarDruid14Halfling (Scotter's GF)
LordQilon SpelbinderMainScholarWizard51High ElfEST 
LordRackdain DarkwaterMainKnightRogue33HumanCST6 pm - 11 pm CST
LadyRaeneea MainKnightMonk54HumanCSTCentral
LordRaff NotriffMainKnightRogue39GnomeAtlantic(alt of Canarit)
LordRazerof CoVKnightWarrior7Dwarf (main is Tarzel in other guild)
LordRazorjab SteelfistMainKnightMonk56IksarCSTGlad to Help, Just ask....On early hours and Weekends either heavy or not at all
LordReaggin LeafstalkerMainScholarDruid26HalflingEST(RL son of Teaggin)
LordRilassare MainKnightBard19Vah Shir  
LordRoark O'PacificaMainScholarMagician51High ElfPSTAfternoons and some Weekend days, Pacific
LadyRoseytwo ThornebladeCoVKnightWarrior29Dwarf (HU) fishing, and a master drinker, dueling, my other is Roseyone, also looking to find a good man, anybody know one drop me a tell hehe, not to mention playing jokes on people, r2 was here hehe
LordScotter TigerFangMainKnightPaladin32Dwarf Master Blacksmith, Fletcher, Fisher, Potter, Baker
LordSimps MainKnightWarrior43BarbarianCST 
LordSlobby BoldershoulderCoVKnightWarrior41Troll Alt of Slobulon
Lordsonern MainKnightMonk1HumanEST(alt of Dalamyr)
LordSoulduster WolfestarMainElite KnightRanger57HumanESTMysstie's loving husband. Fletching(203), Fishing, Drinking, Brewing and Tailoring
LordStormnight ThundercloudMainScholarNecromancer54EruditePSTOther chars played: Stoneworm 62 Enc, Argenight 52 War
LordSubidye MainKnightBard36Barbarian  
LadySuleah MainKnightPaladin48High ElfEST11 am-11pm EST
LadySweeite MainScholarEnchanter36High ElfEST(alt of Wizliz) 3 hous day t
LadySweetpea MainScholarMagician27Human  
LordTeaggin LeafstalkerMainScholarDruid50HalflingEST 
LadyTeresa AltKnightWarrior17Dark ElfCSTMysstie's darker side *evil grin*
LordThalmus GlayundMainScholarWizard53Erudite I am a mighty up and comming Wizard soon all of the world will know the name of this mighty Wizard!!!
LordTilis MainScholarDruid60Wood ElfESTEastern, 2-6 am and weekends
LordTonsure CrescentfistCoVKnightMonk38HumanESTBaking, brewing, martial arts :) and playing dead. Graduate of CoV College of Linguistic Arts. Secondary character for Juror from HU.
LadyTracey SweetbladeAltKnightRanger49Wood ElfCSTLoving wife of Atanall and guess what? I can Yak too hehe, 48th on 1/1/2003, 49th on 1/28/2003 (Mysstie is my main)
LordTreau MainScholarCleric51Dark ElfCST6pm-10or11pm cst and weekends
LadyTwynka CoVKnightWarrior27GnomePSTPST, 9pm and on (Main is Ranla in HU)
LadyVaultress AltKnightWarrior2Wood ElfCSTKeep of the Spells (Guild Vault)
LordVayn MainScholarNecromancer62Dark ElfCSTEvenings mostly.
????Voula RaczMainKnightWarrior51Barbarian  
LadyWantinga ReallifeMainScholarCleric21High ElfCST10% rez? hehe my main i guess since they are same level is Yaktova
LadyWildoneia WhitewolfMainScholarDruid40Wood ElfESTmornings and nights
LordWizome TinytinkCoVScholarWizard32GnomeESTAfter 6pm Tuesday, Thursday, Fridays, and Weekends, Indiana Time Zone (2 Chars in HU) Current Tink skill is 101
LordWonfus CoVScholarBeastlord33Vah Shir  
LordWoolfe MainScholarDruid43Human  
LadyWumor MainScholarShaman50Barbarian Central
LordWynnd ChillMainScholarShaman24Barbarian I enjoy healing. I'm not in this for glory, man. SOW, heal, DOT, KAPOW, man. Let's kill some bad guys. Hey, I want a sandwich.
LordZalmaxiss MainScholarWizard51High ElfCSTcentral, in the morn and after 10pm, alt of Instanitee
LordZamoki OminousMainKnightMonk45HumanCST5:00- 7:00 PM (Lil brother of Insanitee)
LadyZikazi MainKnightMonk22IksarEST(alt of Amarauk)
LadyZotaz KickyoazzMainKnightWarrior49Dark ElfCSTdays (cst)

Membership Summary

Primary Characters: 96
Main CoV (but not primary) Characters: 22
Secondary Characters: 6
Unknown Characters: 0

Lords: 85
Ladies: 37
Not sure of gender: 2

Number of Bard's: 6
Number of Beastlord's: 2
Number of Cleric's: 8
Number of Druid's: 24
Number of Enchanter's: 9
Number of Magician's: 4
Number of Monk's: 11
Number of Necromancer's: 3
Number of Paladin's: 7
Number of Ranger's: 7
Number of Rogue's: 4
Number of Shadow Knight's: 2
Number of Shaman's: 5
Number of Warrior's: 24
Number of Wizard's: 8

Meaning of Rank:

Main? column legend:
Main = Main character, CoV = Main character in CoV but not primary, Alt = an alternate character of another in the guild.

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Pending Members

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