LoY Research - Druid Spells

SpellLItem 1Item 2Item 3Item 4
Improved Superior Camouflage 50 Rune of Synergy Page 61 Yaeth's Compendium (Right)    
Circle of Winter 51 Rune of Draught Primordial Substance    
Everlasting Breath 51 Page 50 Yaeth's Compendium (Left) Sliver of Moonstone    
Levitation 51 Page 70 Yaeth's Compendium (Left) Dew Clover    
Upheaval 51 Rune of Amalgamation Dew Clover    
Call of Karana 52 Mist of Povar Rune of Coalition    
Circle of Summer 52 Rune of Ellipse Flake of Loadstone    
Glamour of Tunare 53 Page 18 of Toharon's Memoir (Left) Primordial Substance    
Spirit of Scale 53 Page 80 Yaeth's Compendium (Left) Dew Clover    
Blizzard 54 Rune of Gale Runed Emblem    
Form of the Howler 54 Page 65 Yaeth's Compendium (Left) Primordial Substance    
Remove Greater Curse 54 Words of Apparition Page 73 Yaeth's Compendium (Right)    
Girdle of Karana 55 Coin of Xev Page 63 Yaeth's Compendium (Right)    
Nature Walker's Behest 55 Coin of Xev Words of Tenacy    
Tunare's Request 55 Page 70 Yaeth's Compendium (Left) Etched Signet    
Breath of Karana 56 Rune of Alteration Etched Signet Words of Abrogation  
Ro's Smoldering Disjunction 56 Rune of Flash Flake of Lodestone Rune of Coruscating  
Wake of Karana 56 Page 72 Yaeth's Compendium (Left) Runed Emblem Rune of Divergency  
Bonds of Tunare 57 Rune of Conglomeration Words of Holding Words of Expertise  
Frost 57 Rune of Draught Dew Clover Rune of Tempest  
Succor 57 Rune of Opposition Rune of Contradiction Page 81 Yaeth's Compendium  
Circle of Seasons 58 Rune of Conglomeration Etched Signet Rune of Tempest  
Fist of Karana 58 Page 14 Zeannor's Thesis (Left) Rune of Flash Rune of Incitation  
Regrowth of the Grove 58 Page 78 Yaeth's Compendium (Left) Dew Clover Page 92 Yaeth's Compendium  
Legacy of Thorn 59 Scales of Veeshan Rune of Incendiary Words of Expertise  
Spirit of Oak 59 Bolts of Tallon Page 94 Yaeth's Compendium (Right) Page 95 Yaeth's Compendium  
Banishment 60 Words of Agony Words of Obliteration Rune of Divergency  
Entrapping Roots 60 Rune of Amalgamation Words of Covert Rune of Association  
Form of the Hunter 60 Page 94 Yaeth's Compendium (Left) Page 94 Yaeth's Compendium (Right) Words of Virtue  
Mask of the Hunter 60 Card of Bristlebane Dew Clover Page 115 Yaeth's Compendium  
Mask of the Stalker 60 Page 117 Yaeth's Compendium (Left) Dew Clover Page 118 Yaeth's Compendium (Left) Rune of Zephyr
Moonfire 60 Rune of Flash Flake of Lodestone Rune of Coruscating Words of Potence
Protection of the Glades 60 Page 21 Toharon's Memoir (Left) Runed Emblem Page 22 Toaron's Memoir  
Nature's Recovery 60 Page 102 Yaeth's Compendium (Left) Dew Clover Page 83 Yaeth's Compendium