LoY Research - Cleric Spells

SpellLItem 1Item 2Item 3Item 4
Improved Invisibility to Undead 50 Words Of Constancy Rune Of Antithesis    
Death Pact 51 Words Of Asylum Toharon's Memoir Page 18 (Right)    
Sunskin 51 Words Of Expedition Rune Of Coalition    
Word of Vigor 52 Writ of Quellious Yaeth's Compedium Page 70 (Right)    
Heroic Bond 52 Staff Shard of Luclin Toharon's Memoir Page 21 (Right)    
Upheaval 52 Rune Of Amalgamation Dew Clover    
Yaulp IV 53 Rune Of Inticement Toharon's Memoir Page 15 (Right)    
Reckoning 54 Rune Of Alteration Sliver of Moonstone    
Remove Greater Curse 54 Words Of Apparition Yaeth's Compedium Page 73 (Right)    
Stun Command 55 Rune Of Transpose Flake of Lodestone    
Fortitude 55 Flame of Fennin Toharon's Memoir Page 31 (Right)    
Paralyzing Earth 56 Rune Of Opposition Flake of Lodestone Rune Of Incitation  
Mark of Karn 56 Rune Of Gate Toharon's Memoir Page 18 (Right) Words Of Expertise  
Hammer of Judgement 56 Staff Shard of Luclin Flake of Lodestone Finnok's Treatise Page 2(Left)  
Yaulp V 56 Rune Of Flash Toharon's Memoir Page 21 (Right) Words Of Capacity  
Judgement 56 Rune Of Ellipse Words Of Annihilation Words Of Misery  
Word of Restoration 57 Yaeth's Compedium Page 72 (Left) Dew Clover Yaeth's Compedium Page 92  
Aegis 57 Scale of Veeshan Toharon's Memoir Page 18 (Right) Toharon's Memoir Page 19  
Antidote 58 Yaeth's Compedium Page 70 (Left) Primordial Substance Yaeth's Compedium Page 98  
Enforced Reverence 58 Rune Of Synergy Rune Of Glint Words Of Immunity  
Naltron's Mark 58 Toharon's Memoir Page 18 (Left) Etched Signet Toharon's Memoir Page 22  
Ethereal Light 58 Yaeth's Compedium Page 25 (Left) Yaeth's Compedium Page 25 (Right) Words Of Virtue  
Blessed Armor of the Risen 58 Bolts of Tallon Words Of Recourse Words Of Expertise  
Hammer of Divinity 58 Staff Shard of Luclin Rune of Gale Finnok's Treatise Page 2 (Left)  
The Unspoken Word 59 Words Of Recall Rune Of Impulse Words Of Invigoration  
Ethereal Remedy 59 Yaeth's Compedium Page 78 (Left) Flake of Lodestone Yaeth's Compedium Page 113  
Aegolism 60 Card of Bristlebane Runed Emblem Toharon's Memoir Page 22  
Word of Redemption 60 Rune Of Conglomeration Yaeth's Compedium Page 114 (Right) Yaeth's Compedium Page 108  
Banishment of Shadows 60 Rune Of Conglomeration Rune Of Contradiction Words Of Abrogation  
Divine Intervention 60 Toharon's Memoir Page 21 (Left) Words Of Recourse Toharon's Memoir Page 22  
Ethereal Elixir 60 Yaeth's Compedium Page 114 (Left) Dew Clover Rune Of Complexity  
Blessing of Aegolism 60 Writ of Quellious Etched Signet Yaeth's Compedium Page 26 (Left) Yaeth's Compedium Page 26 (Left)
Marzin's Mark 60 Coin of Xev Runed Emblem Yaeth's Compedium Page 81 Rune Of Zephyr
Hammer of Souls 60 Staff Shard of Luclin Words Of Comprehension Finnok's Treatise Page 2 (Left)