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which lasted until March 5, 2004.

A Story

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Submitted by Wyndsinger, 12/2/2002
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The snow fell gently outside the window of their Halas home. She stood looking out at the drifting snow wondering if Tunare had decided to cover all of Norrath with a blanket of white. Standing there looking out at the pure whiteness her thoughts drifted, she wondered what life would be like in a few days. Everything was going to change soon and their home would be filled with new life. Were they ready? They had only been married a few short years and she wasn't sure if she was ready to be a mother.

She felt him as he entered the room. Felt his eyes as they slowly roamed over her body. Felt his smile deepen as he walked towards her. His strong arm encircled her in an embrace filled with love and warmth. He stepped closer molding her back to his chest and she rested her head on the soft leather of his tunic as his presence filled her completely. Slowly her hand moved to his arm and began to softly trace a trail over the thickness of the muscles there, soon she found his hands and began to play with his fingers absentmindedly. She knew everything and nothing at all about this man. She pictured him in her mind. Tall, taller then most of his clan, and muscular enough to take on two ice giants and not break a sweat. His sandy blonde hair needed a trim again, but she couldn't bring herself to do it because she loved the way it hung in his face as he worked at his smithy. His pale blue eyes looked into her soul daily and she wasn't able to do more then get lost in them. The scars that riddled his body were worn with great pride and he was able to recount each battle he'd been in when he'd gotten one. She'd been the cause of a few of those scars and didn't doubt that there were more in the future. It was the life they lead.

He rested his chin on the top of her head and breathed in deeply. "Honey you should go to bed now. Staying up this late can't be good for you. I worry you're doing too much. You need your rest. Go to bed my love. Sleep while you can." His voice was husky with his concern and all she could do was smile. He worried about her so much. His fragile little wood elf druid. Sometimes he even worried that he'd break her with his gentle touch.

"OK honey, I am tired. Dinner is on the hearth. Make sure that you feed the dogs too." She turned around in his arms and reached up to kiss him goodnight. As their lips touched her heart skipped a beat. How she loved this man! She looked up at him and smiled. "Good night my heart. I love you!"

He grinned at her playfully and softly kissed her again. "I love you too honey." He squeezed her ass and winked at her "Now get to bed!"

Giggleling she slowly began walking to their room. She paused a moment and looked in on the room he'd built onto the house. A nice room, big enough for a child to grow securely in comfort but not so big that they would get lost in there. A hand carved crib sat in the middle of the room. It had taken him months of hard work to carve that crib, and he'd loved every moment of it. Every detail had been lovingly set by those strong calloused hands. Right down to the delicate details of the roses climbing up the legs. Slowly she smiled as she heard him clanking around in their small kitchen. Life was good. This house would be filled with more love then it was now. She wandered off to their room and climbed up into their huge bed. Snuggling down under all the furs, she smiled as she drifted into sleep thinking how funny it was to her that her barbarian husband got cold at night. She sent a silent prayer to Tunare and The Tribunal thanking them for her wonderful life as sleep took her....

The snow was falling with a vengeance as Wyndsinger sat under the tree with the Halas guards and Snowflake. She'd been sitting there waiting on her friends for hours now. The guards had been kind enough to share some of the fine drink that Halas was known for, but still she was bored and tired of waiting now. She was thinking about heading home when a plea for help shattered her thoughts.

"Excuse me sir, are you a druid?" The frantic voice seemed to echo through her thoughts.

"Aye I am a druid true, but last I checked I was not a sir." Her mental reply was filled with calming hands as she tried to sooth the terror in that voice.

"Pardon Mi'Lady, but are you busy right now?"

"Nay friend, I was just contemplating my bed tis all. How can I serve thee?"

"Tis my friend. He was badly injured by an ice giant we encountered. The Tribunal has called him to safety and as we speak he is trying to return here to kill the foul beast. Please Mi'Lady can you get him and return him here? His name is Wonfu and I fear for his safety. The Tribunal saw fit to place him at a safe distance and he finds himself now stranded in Friona Vie. Please Mi'Lady, can you help?" The desperation in the voice was more then evident. Wyndsinger felt compelled to help if for nothing more then to calm this young man.

"Aye friend, I'd be honored to help. What was his name again?"

"Thank you Mi'Lady, thank you very much! His name is Wonfu. I will tell him to be expecting to hear from you momentarily."

"Wonfu you said?"

"Aye Mi'Lady. Wonfu."

Her heart skipped a beat. The name was familiar yet she couldn't place it. Maybe she had seen him once before. She said the name out loud and it rolled off her tongue. As she said it her heart skipped another beat. She mentally prepared herself and then sent a tentative thought to Wonfu.

"Hello there sir. Your friend said you were in need of assistance." She kept her mental voice calm and hoped she presented an aura of calmness and wisdom to this warrior.

"Hello Mi'Lady. I am fine. The Tribunal has seen fit to place me out on the edges of hell to test my resolve. I am afraid they will win this night because I do not feel like traveling that distance again tonight!" His mental voice was low and husky, filled with the anger he was feeling at that moment. She shivered as it touched her mind. "In fact I wish I could just die and be done with it!" He roared into her mind, shattering all semblance of calm for a moment.

"Nay Mi'Lord, that would not be a good thing." She tried to compose herself and regain that calmness but she felt him mentally pushing it away. "Sir, I am a druid and am willing to come get you. However I am not well traveled and know of only one way into Friona Vie." Her mental voice faltered and momentarily filled with the fear she felt about getting lost. "If you provide me directions I will be happy to come get you," she said hesitantly.

A moment or two passed before she felt a warm mental caress. As if a strong sure arm had enveloped her within its protection. A mental embrace that made her feel stronger, more confident, more aware then she'd ever felt before. The voice that filled her mind was no longer harsh but filled with warmth and friendship. He strengthened the embrace slightly before pulling away hesitantly as his words filled her mind again.

"Never worry Mi'Lady. I shall be there momentarily. Another fine druid has consented to take me to North Karna for a price. I shall run from there." Sheepishly he added, "Will you keep me company on my run?"

She felt her mental voice brighten as her heart skipped another beat. "I'd be happy to Mi'Lord. Very happy to..."

She turned slightly in her sleep as the baby rolled around in her belly...

In the weeks since they'd met, they'd spent days talking about everything. They'd spent hours hunting Redfang's cursed Orcs and the ice giants that plagued Everfrost. They'd ventured into the Blackburrow Gnolls home and helped to send a few of them to their god. Now they were headed on another adventure. Headed off to Kerra Isle to hunt a shark. Wyndsinger was deathly afraid of the water and Wonfu's suggestion of shark hunting didn't really appeal to her but when he had asked her if she would join him she didn't hesitate to say she would.

They'd spent the morning running through Everfrost and then Blackburrow without so much as a sideways glace. When they hit the hills outside of Qeynos things changed drastically. They were running along the hill towards a path in the distance when a woman came running out at them, her sword held high. She'd met this ranger before, her name was Holly Windstalker. She was pledged to guard the bears of Surefall Glade. Why in the world would she be running towards them with murder in her eye? Wonfu turned to her and told her to run. To run for the guards at the city. He pulled his sword and prepared to meet Holly's blade. She didn't look back as she heard steal meet steal. She ran as she was told to do. Ran straight for the guard post, feeling each touch that Holly won against Wonfu. As she sat waiting for what seemed like an eternity she mentally prepared herself for Wonfu's demise. The man who consumed her heart, mind and soul was out there bleeding and dieing and she was cowering at a guard post. She felt shamed. She heard a guard call his name and looked up to see him strutting up to the guard post.

"That dumb ranger never learns! I sent her home licking her wounds again!" He pronounced loudly as he approached her. The smile on his face showed pride in the battle that he'd so recently won.

She refused to rush to him, restraining herself from her healing touch.

"Wynd is something wrong?" The concern on his face was evident as he reached towards her and took her shaking hands into his. "Wynd?"

"You didn't kill her did you?" Her voice was softer then normal and touched with a bit of fear and awe. Holly was a powerful ranger among the ranger of Surefall Glade.

"Kill her? No. Teach her another lesson? Yes! For some reason that woman hates me. I do not know what I ever did to her but every time she sees me she rushes me. Screaming that she will kill me." He was exasperated and sighed deeply. "Are you mad? She would've killed me if I hand't defended myself."

"Nay I am not mad at you," she said as she smiled up at him. How could she ever be mad at this man? She loved him, loved him more then she was willing to admit. "I'm just glad you didn't kill her. She is a ranger you know. It would look bad for my," she paused searching for the correct words, "friend to kill a ranger." She quickly looked away before he could see her feelings in her eyes. "So where do we go to catch that boat?" Quickly she turned and began to head into the city.

On Kerra Isle they explored the beach looking for signs of the shark he wanted to kill. He killed a few stray sharks saying he did so in hopes that the fresh blood would attract the one he sought. He lured her into the water once with the promise of seeing a seahorse. When they found one she wouldn't let him kill it.

Late in the afternoon he found a wonderful spot on the beach and they talked as they ate the meal they'd brought with them.

"Look over there," he pointed to the setting sun. "Isn't that the most beautiful thing?"

She looked out across the water as the sun reflected shimmering colors as it set for the night. She'd never seen a sunset quite as lovely as this one was and she wondered if it was because of the man she shared it with.

"This is why I brought you here. Or part of the why." She looked at his back. Wonder racing through her thoughts. He'd brought her here to watch the sunset, not to hunt some silly shark, but to sit here on the beach, together watching the setting sun. He cleared his throat bringing her back into the now.

"Oh yes, it is lovely. Possibly the most lovely one I've ever seen," she quickly said.

"Would you like to know the other reason I brought you here Wyndsinger?" He asked as he looked deeply into her eyes.

Her voice shook a little with her quite "Yes." She looked down at her hands then his gaze too intense.

Slowly his hand reached towards her. He lifted her face so that she was looking at him again. His words were soft but filled with feeling. "I've seen one thing more beautiful then this sun." He paused to look deeply into her eyes. "You Wyndsinger, are the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, and I think I've fallen in love with you." Slowly he looked away, seemingly afraid to see her response.

Softly and without hesitation she simply replied, "I love you too."

Her sleeping mind recognized when he joined her in bed. Their bodies molded together of their own will it seemed and she sighed deeply as she rested her head on his chest and drifted back into dreams.

"Oh Wonfu! I'm so excited! Thank you honey for coming with me to Friona Vie! You're going to love her!" She exclaimed as she looked around a bit confused. "Now where is that bank!?"

Off she ran down the path looking for the bank. His mental touch was filled with laughter. "Hon you're lost again. The bank is over here."

Her stride only slightly slowed as she turned around and began racing back towards him and the bank. "Hurry honey she's waiting!!"

Stopping at the bank she caught her breath as she surveyed those around her. "There she is!" she squealed with glee as she took off towards a young Erudite.

The two women embraced in a loving hug. "Oh sis you've just got to meet him! Wonfu! Honey! Where are you?"

"I'm right here hon," he said as he shook his head. She grabbed his hand and half dragged him the few remaining steps.

"Honey, I'd like you to meet my sister Phsydon. Phsy this is Wonfu. Don't you just love him!?" She half remembered to introduce the young shaman standing next to her sister. "Oh and that's her husband Desales." Her eyes suddenly brightened "Oh I guess that makes him my big brother!"

"Very nice to meet you Wonfu" the young paladin said as she wrapped her hand into the man called Desales arm.

Wonfu bowed deeply to the young woman and saluted Desales. "Very nice to meet you both. But I do believe I've met her your husband before Mi'Lady Orion."

The kicking in her belly woke her from her dream. She laid in bed a while remembering her last dream. She smiled as she thought about that day and the three people who filled it with such joy. Wonfu, her heart and soul; Desales one of her dearest friends husband to her soul sister Phsydon. "Oh Phsydon." she softly breathed.

Quietly she began to cry and not wanting to wake Wonfu she slipped out of bed and wrapped herself in a fur. Silently she walked into the main room of their home. She walked to the window again and wept.

"Oh Phsydon where are you?" She thought. Her sister had been missing for over 4 years now. The last time she'd seen her had been at her wedding to Wonfu. She'd gone home to Friona Vie with Desales. They'd made it safely home, Phsydon had sent her a mental reassurance of that fact before turning in for the night. When Desales had woke the next morning she was gone. No one knew what happened to her. She was just gone. Mental contact couldn't be established even though the mystics said she stilled walked the land.

"Oh Phsydon. What do I do? I need you sister, I need you..." The tears flowed freely now and she decided that if this continued she would wake Wonfu so she decided to check on the dogs. Quietly she opened the front door, the softly falling snow had turned the landscape into a winter wonderland. Making everything smell so fresh and sweet. Quickly she walked out to the dog's pin to check on Brandy. Brandy was pregnant too and due to birth in 2 weeks. Magick looked up at her and whined a hello as she looked in on the two dogs.

Turning to go she saw a shimmering light off behind the house, near the window of the baby's room. Curious as to what it was she quickly walked behind the house. Standing there cloaked in a shimmering of star light stood the ghostly form of her sister.

"Hello Wyndie" Her voice was calm and soothing, strong yet gentle. Wyndsinger, not trusting her eyes started to approach her. "No Wyndie we do not have time for that. Not now at least." Her sweet smile spread across her face and Wyndsinger began to weep again.

"Oh Phsydon I've missed you so! Where have you been? Why did you leave? Are you alright?"

Phsydon held up a silvery hand to halt her words. "Hush now Wyndie, I'm at peace now and that's all you need to know. I do not have much time dearheart so I must tell you what I've come to say." She smiled again before continuing. "Your daughter will be blessed sister. This is my gift to you. She will make you and Wonfu very proud. Be good to her sister for her blessings are special and must be cherished."

Phsydon looked over her shoulder a moment then back at Wyndsinger. "I must go now sister. Know that I love you. That I watch over you as I always have. Please tell Desales that I love him too." She reached out a silvery hand and wiped a tear from Wyndsinger's face. "I love you sister, forever and always. Remember that." Slowly she faded away and Wyndsinger fell to her knees, weeping in the snow.

Eventually the pain subsided and she began to calm herself. She wrapped her arms around her stomach, cradling thier unborn daughter. "A daughter" she whispered. Looking up she saw a Friona Vie Rose growing where her sister had stood. She stood up and walked to the pale yellow rose. Stooping down she gently touched it's soft petals. "Oh sister I miss you so. Thank you for your visit. And remember, I shall love you forever and always too." A single tear fell upon the rose and it seemed to glow from within.

At that moment Wonfu touched her shoulder. "Honey you're like ice! Come back to bed dear you'll catch cold out here." Gently he picked her up to carry her inside. She wrapped her arms around his neck and smiled back at the rose before placed a soft kiss on his cheek.

"I love you honey, more and more each day." She whispered into his neck.

"I love you too."



"What do you think of the name Gwyne for our daughter?" ....


I hope you all enjoyed my story


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