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which lasted until March 5, 2004.

Story - A Warrior's Dream

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Submitted by Wonfu

What a sad world this is.

The sun rays hit my face, and with this I get startled. I blink and in the time it took for my eyes to open, I had realized that I was no longer home. I stare impatiently at the ceiling, wanting to go back to the world from which I was rudely abducted. I turn and face the window. Looking through the window, and focusing into the emptiness between it, I get one last peek at her. She stands there in all her glory, she waves goodbye to me and as I crack a smile she disappears out from in front of my eyes. Knowing that she will wait for my return, I lay back down on my bed, and I smile at the ceiling as her image burns deep in my mind.

* * * * * * * * * *

"Wonfu, Wonfu, get up厀ake up buddy are you ok?". That is my friend Skythe talking to me. We have been friends since I can remember, and we have watched each other's back ever since. I get up with a sharp pain eminating from my shoulder. I stager back up to my feet and I face Skythe, "what in the world was that?", I ask. Skythe says, "Bro, I thought I almost lost you. I pushed you out of the way as the boulder was coming towards you, that sucker scraped you in the shoulder, but let's save the sweet talk for later, Kits needs us". Ignoring the pain in my shoulder, I dash towards the area I last saw Kits. Kits, what a name, I still remember the first time I lay my eyes on her. My heart beat was faster than any fox I've ever seen. Alas my love for her has been silenced all this time. Not being able to express my feelings and desires to her. Why you might ask? For one simple reason. She is married to my best friend, and right hand man, Skythe.

Left and right there lie life-less corpses, their blood still warm, as we see the steam coming from their bodies. Many of these fine soldiers would have agreed with me that this is a glorious day to die. We run full speed trough the woods to an open field where the battle is still taking place. I see my men dropping like flies to the hordes of Orcs and Undead creatures of all kinds. They are sustaining heavy casualties as well. I pick up a flag that only moments ago the flag boy was holding up high, before he was burned to a crisp by a ball of flames. "Men don't loose hope, gain courage, gather the last bit of strength from within you, and follow me", I yell with all my might. The background air fills with the yells of thousands of man the majority frenzied and ready to kill what ever moves. " Charge!!!!", I yell with a mighty yaulp. "Wonfu I see her," he says, "where?, I reply. "Over there by that opening, she appears to be healing the wounded knights fighting those Scepters", he yells as his pace becomes quicker than mine.

We get within 150 yards from where she stands when both Skythe and myself hear a loud deep roar coming from the surrounding woods. "Skythe if that is what I think it is, you best hurry and pull Kits back, hurry Skythe we have not much time", I yell to Skythe as he continues running. At this point I find myself at a stand still preparing my bow, for I know what approaches. Skythe is 50 ft away from Kits, when out from amongst the trees a Cyclops jumps into the open field. His landing immediately kills 10 soldiers. Many more charge to attack him, but they are no match for the Cyclops. Cyclops are not from among this area, which can only mean that they have been brought here by a greater force. Skythe sees this and so does Kits. "Skythe Hurry!!", I yell. Kits hears my yell, and immediately turns around to face me. "Kits! Come to me, we have come to pull you out, there is nothing else you can do for the soldiers there are too many of them", he tells Kits as he reaches her. "Grab hold on to my hand, I am pulling you out of here.

As they start running back towards me, the Cyclops sees them run, and he follows them, stepping over the soldiers as if they were mere puppets. "Skythe, Kits, Run faster", I yell. I think to myself, "Damn it, he is gaining on them, what am I going to do?". Then On the corner of my eye I saw an arrow that one of my archers was no longer using. I go over to his body and grasp it from his arm. Skythe and Kits are 100 yards away from me. Skythe looks at me, and with a smile on his face, he knows exactly what I am about to do. "Honey, on the count of 3, I am going to stop, you just keep running towards Wonfu, don't worry about me I will be fine, trust me", Skythe tells Kits. "123", Skythe immediately stops after saying this, and kits Keeps on running. I pull the string back, and line up the arrow, "Common you big fat piece cow manure, just a little closer", I say to myself. Skythe turns and faces the Cyclops and starts to taunt him, " Hey you ugly son of a goat, come over here and feel my wrath厀hat is that? Your mother wears chain boots? Yes she does", Skythe taunts the monster. The Cyclops runs at full speed, with an anger on his eye like I've never seen before. "You only got one shot Brother, I trust you, so make it count", he says to himself as the Cyclops approaches him. From one hundred yards away I unleash the arrow匱he Cyclops raises both arms and lets out a great roar, and says " You are going to die you pathetic human!!匘IE!!!! Little did he know that those were going to be his last words, for at the instant he stopped talking an arrow penetrated his eye, and hooked itself on the back of his skull, driving a hole down the center of his brain.

Skythe amazed at the sight, immediately jumps out of the way, and the Cyclops's life-less body tumbles to the ground, followed by a small earth shake. The armies of Undead and Orcs could not believe that a single arrow had brought down their greatest asset. They started to flee almost as fast at the Cyclops hit the ground. Skythe, Kits and I finally came together next to the Cyclops's head. "Hey Brother, we did it". Scythe says to me, " Honey you where wonderful, and Wonfu, that was a one in a million shot", says Kits. "Brother, this will not be the end of the hate, for there will be more battles to come, and until the great evil has not been slay by my own hands, the war will never end, and Kits, are you doubting my skills? When the lives of my friends are in danger I do the impossible to save them, " I answer to both of them.

"Skythe round up the men, we are heading home", I say to Skythe. "Yes sir.", answers Skythe.

Deep in my heart I knew I wanted to miss that shot, and Lord knows I tried, but the love I feel for Kits, does not compare to the strength of Skythe's friendship and mine.


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