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which lasted until March 5, 2004.

Jinnikinic's Misadventure

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Date: May 19th, 2000

Hello all, It is with great difficulty that I am able to come to you tonight as I have run into a bit of trouble in Kunark. While exploring in the Emerald Forest I came across an ancient city.I discovered an old building that appeared to be the ruins of some kind of keep.Most of what remained of the keep was underground so I with my infinite gnomish wisdom decided to go and see what was down there.At the lowest level of the keep there was a door that was magically sealed with the incantation to open it carved into the door in Elder Dragon. This excited me because Elder Dragon is the language of the wizards of old.After getting past the door, I discovered an old library filled with volumes of arcane knowledge. One book in particular caught my eye . It was written in Elder Elvish which I immediatly thought was odd because I knew of no books of wizardry that had ever been written in that language. The book was bound in such a way that only a wizard could open it . Inside, the book had incantations for spells of such darkness that I cannot even discuss them here. However there was one spell that I did think was useful. The spell was called "Transformation" and the skill required to cast it was well within my abilities. I cast the spell and transformed from my gnomish body into that of a lizard. There were severe unexpected side affects though and that is the predicment that I am in tonight. You see the spell clouds your mind. I am able to cast only the most rudimentary of my spells. Also, I have lost the ability to understand Elder Elvish so now I have no idea how to change back to my original form.I even lost the telepathic link I share with all the guild members but thankfully was able to regain at least that much. Desperate I searched the library for more information about my condition.My only solution seems to be to seek out the great shaman Doel and have her teach me the languages all over again or I shall have to stay a lizard forever. My problem is even greater in that it seems Doel is on a secret shaman mission of her own and is nowhere to be seen. I ask all of you to help me if you can but beware you must if you seek this path.

your friend,
Jinnikinic Leornian

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