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which lasted until March 5, 2004.

The Tale of the Glacier Bear

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Posted by Doel Telamon on June 27, 2000 at 11:54:32:

This is the tale of me Doel Telamon's, at the time of the writing of this story a Shaman of the 30th season, and my battle with the legendary Glacier Bear of Everfrost.

For as long as I could remember I have heard stories of the Glacier Bear, a creature of practically unparalled might, which had been terrorizing my people for some time. Few had ever tried to actually hunt down this monstrosity, but shortly after my reaching my 30th season I decided that it was time for me to try and bring this creature justice for all it had done (and a Shaman in Lake Rathetear said if I brought back its pelt and some other things I could get a really neat helm!!)

I decided that I alone would have more then a difficult time handling this beast so I asked the help of my Guild mates Jinnikinic a powerful Gnomish Wizard and Mysstie an equally powerful Druid. WE were to wait for Mysstie to gain her next season before any attempt was to be made of attacking the Glacier Bear. I however decided that a little scouting of the area was needed to determine where the beast lived and what we could use of the terrain to our advantage. I did not tell Jinnikinic or Mysstie of my plans for I did not think that worring them unnecassarily would benefit anything.

I reached Everfrsot with nothing ill happening which boosted my spirits to dangerous heights. I talked with another shaman named Snowolf (he was of the 35 season) about the whereabouts if the monster. HE told me that he himself had encountered the bear and he had tracked it back to its home....the underwater cave. This news brought dread down on my soul for I knew that the Lich of Marigul inhabited this cave and that even the Glacier Bear was nothing compared to his creature. I thanked Snowolf for his help and before I knew what I was doing was heading toward this cave. I convinced myself that I could easily evade any Lich and I was only going to peak in the entrance I wasn't going to take a step actually inside the cave only a fool would do something like that alone. I shouted a halfhearted joke across Everfrost asking if anyone had any Lich-B-Gone because I was fresh out. Everyone I passed then starred at me mysteriously.

I found a hole not much bigger then myself conveniently poked in the ice allready when I reached the frozen river. Casting Ultravision, SoW, and Enduring Breath on myself I took a dive. The cave was not far from where I had entered the river. I was glad to exit that those freezing waters even if I was now standing in the entrance of the cave. The cave was the scariest place I had ever been in. Eerie sounds echoed through out it and it was ungodly dark. I was carrying on a telepathic conversation with Snowolf this entire time and even he did not really expect the bear to be in this place no matter what his tracking had shown him. To clear both our mind I cast Sense Animal not really expecting to find anything when to my surprise I was immediatly turned to a direction deeper into the cave and in my mind I knew that only the bear could be there. I was so surprised I screamed to Snowlf telepathically HE'S HERE!!! With a sigh Snowolf told me "Good Luck" perhaps he knew something of what was going to happen.

I was becoming careless, however sneaking further and further into the cave. I heard a dry rustling around the next corner and having become bold beyond belief I turned and not 100 ft down the tunnel was not the bear but the LICH!!! Needless to say I turned and ran down another tunnel thinking it was the exit but instead of the entrance I ran into a white warm wall. I looked up to see what I had hit and I kept looking up to look into the face of an animal that made the lengendary Iceberg look like a puppy. I ran faster then I thought even SoWed feet could take me and hit the entrance. I couldnt helping turning for a brief second and facing the Glacier Bear I was tired of running. I hit him with all the posion spells I had. I could almost hear him laugh at me even though I knew that to be impossible. The battle was short before I was weakened ot were I knew I must run. Thinking back on the stories I had never heard of the bear leaving his home very far and I couldnt imagine him swimming under the ice, so I felt very safe when I pulled myself out of the river through the hole I had entered. Sitting on the bank resting and feeling quite safe I knew that I alone could NEVER handle I creature like that but I was certain that Jinnikinic, Mysstie, and I would bring this ceature down.

With a terrible Roar the Bear burt through 3 ft of ice almost where I had come out. he attacked me with terrible fury, and all I could do was run and pray. Looking back now I can almost laugh as how it may have looked with my running laps around Megans' Tower with a very large and a very angry bear in tow. For 15 minutes I ran before I remembered Snowolf!! with his help we can surly handle him enough to escape. With more calm then I was feeling I asked him to help me escape with my life. Clearly he wsa surprised that I was even alive, and he was even more surprised when I told him that I was running around Megans Tower with the bear still in tow. He dropped everything that he was doign and began to run to my location.

I could feel the Glacier Bear getting closer as my legs tired. When I thought that I could not run any further I heard Snowolf shout "Doel, Come to Permafrost" I heard a hidden NOW at the end of his sentence, and shaking at the thought of going to this place I knew it was all I had left, "why permafrost I said to myself does he want to Ice Giants to watch me die" I said to myself, but I ran anyway. I even began to feel the monster slow himself as I hit the last landmark that said Perma was nearby. Coming close to the entrance I screamed at the top of my lungs to let all know that I was here. I felt healing throught my body and I saw Snowolf standing there still with sparkling residue of a spell aroudn him asking if I was okay. I thought that maybe now I was finally away from the monster because looking around I could see no sign.

Snowolf screamed "Get Down!!" and pushed me out of the way of the giant paw I had never seen coming. I stood and Snowolf and I prepared to fight this creature to the end of use or him. We pounded him with every spell we could bring to bare (no pun intended) and I began to see the creature slow down,but not soon enough I knew we would be overcome. I then saw someone walk up to my side and say very calmly, "You look as though you need help" I looked at this person and to my surprise it waa Mystraa!!!, another Shaman of the legends who had been on a mission to bring down the dragon Voxx!!, she cast a spell which froze the monster in its tracks, which gave snowolf and me time to retreat to be healed. Even her spell did not hold it long however and with all the mana that we had left he faced the charging brute I let loose with every spell that I had and even cast some of them twice when I saw the creature turn toward me!! Why me I thought im barely harming t it should be attacking Mystraa or Snowolf who had to be harming it much more then I could. It lifted its paw in what I knew would be a death blow to me when it suddenly gave a pathetic cry and fell!! Never to rise again. I collapsed in relief and almost began to cry.

I turned and thanked Snowolf and Mystraa for all they had done. I practically got on my knees and kissed their kilts hehe. I was about to start the long walk to Halas when Mystraa stopped me, "aren't you forgetting something?". Confused I asked her what the beast was dead did she want something from me?? "The Pelt its yours" she said," but I didnt do much you at least should have it I only hurt him a little and got beat up more then anything". She laughed at me, I did very little more then heal and root him," she said "You were brave enough to attack him and me and Snowolf only assisted you were the one to bring the creature to its knees, Little Sister". She called me Little Sister I was so happy the great Mystraa had called me that. It took me over an hour to skin the beast but before long my packs where laden with the pelt of one of the most dangerous creatures of Everfrost Peaks.

I am writing this journal while on my journey back to Lake Rathe to collect my prize. and thinking how different it all could have been without the help of two complete strangers. I felt saddened though that Jinnikinic and Mysstie had not shared this experience with me. OO how I wish I hadnt run out of that Lich-B-Gone spray.

Journal of Doel Telamon at the time of her 30th season of being a Shaman

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