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which lasted until March 5, 2004.

Guild Quest - Search for Binnibik

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I have recieved a bit of news about the possible wherabouts of my father. It seems that part of the expedition sent to Solusek made it and I have a journal from one of the survivors of the expediton that tells of my fathers disappearance.

I am offering a reward of 50pp to anyone that can find Binnibik and return him safely to Ak'Anon.

Good luck to you all
Jinnikinic Leornian
wizard of the 31st season (now 38th hehe)
Greater Scholar
Company of Valor

OOC: This is a quest open to all members of the guild. No mobs will have to be killed but there will be some traveling. Binnibik is somewhere in Norrath and is suffering from memory loss. You will have to restore his memory to get him to return to Ak'Anon with you. More clues will be released as needed. Be sure to read the pertinant parts of Jinkens Journal.

Jinkens Journal

Hello everyone,

While in Solusek I learned that some of the members of the ill fated expedition my father was in did in fact reach the mining outpost. I was given a journal written by Jinken Ezernob that describes the travels of the expedtion from Ak'Anon to Solusek. I post for you here only the days that are pertinant to the disappearance of my father.

Day 12:

There is a crisp feel to the air this morning and a feeling of anticipation through the group as we get our first look at the Lavastorm Mountains off in the distance beyond the great forests. It was decided this morning that we would travel through Kithicor on our way to Lavastorm instead of trying our hand through Nektulos to avoid an unwanted encounter with the Dark Elves that cross the forest path.

Day 13:

The trip through Kithicor was uneventful and we start this morning n the shores of Lake Neriuss. If all goes well we should make the mining post by tomorrow night. However, this way has turned out to be as fraught with danger as the trip through Nektulos would have been. There is a large goblin outpost on the shores of the lake that we must get around. Hopefully Al'Kabor will have something in his bag of tricks to get us through.


Disaster. We decided to sneak by the goblin camp with an Invisibility spell that Al'Kabor cast on us all. We were just about through when poor Mitken suddenly appeared. The goblins saw him and a huge battle ensued. Try as me might to save hime Mitkin was the first to fall. Binnibik charged to the forefront to keep the goblins off of Al'Kabor while he frantically chanted for some spell to save the day. Trugin was trying to keep Binninbik healed and I was trying to get to Mitkin when suddenly the world went black. Then, just as suddenly we were on a small pyramid in the middle of Nektulos Forest. Al'Kabor, Ognit and myself. All the others were gone.

Well there you have it, my father was left behind by Al'Kabors evac on the shores of Neriuss Lake. This is all the news I have. Jinken was killed by a goblin in Solusek and Al'Kabor and Ognit were last seen heading into The Hole to try and patch the breach there.

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