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which lasted until March 5, 2004.

Best of the Best Tournament

Date: November 4, 2001

Thank you everyone that participated in our Tournament. Many more people were here than I was able (and remembered) to take pictures of. I am taking the results of the Tournament that Jinnikinic posted on the message board and including them here as well:

Level Champion
1-7 Aluamilli
8-13 Vacant
14-18 Kinie
19-23 Beetstick
24-28 Xaos
29-33 Naelyur
34-38 Naelyur
39-43 Khailee
44-48 Crii
49-52 Domm
53-55 Jinnikinic
First of all, I want to thank everyone that attended and I hope everyone had good time. In all their were 36 participants and over 1000 pp was raised for the guild treasury.

I also want to thank all the people that helped me with the tournament. I won't mention names for fear of forgetting someone, but many many people from teleporters to healers to the play by play people really helped make this tournament a success.

Now for the highlights

Level 1 to 7

We had two participants in this field so Aluamilli a level 6 warrior, met Vodca a level 6 druid with Aluamilli coming out on top to be crowned champion.

Level 8 to 13

No participants

Level 14 to 18

Again we had to contestants and this time it was Level 16 Kinie defeating level 15 Lildrummer for the championship.

Level 19 to 23

This was a hotly contested division with many thrilling battles going right to the wire. In the first round it was Gsis (22 monk) defeating Teefa (19 rogue). The other first round match saw Beetstick (23 monk) defeating Dominaria ( 20 necro ) in a very close see saw battle. In the finals it was Beetstick defeating Gsis for the championship.

Level 24 to 28

There were 3 contestants in this division. First round match had Xaos (28 monk) defeating Nolaine (27 warrior) with Canarit (24 monk) drawing a bye. Championship round saw Xaos defeat Canarit in another all monk final.

Level 29 to 33

With only 2 contestants, The championship was between Naelyur (30 necro) and Mykie (32 rogue), with Naelyur taking the match.

Level 34 to 38

Fresh off his championship performance in the 29 to 33 division, Naelyur decided to enter this division as well and defeated Atanall (35 warrior) in the first round. The other first round match was between Tracey (35 ranger) vs Raorne (34 monk) with Tracey coming out on top in a real close battle.
In the second round Tracey defeated Centor (35 monk) in another thriller that could have went either way. this set up the championship match between Naelyur and Tracey. In yet another close battle Naelyur narrowly defeated Tracey to claim his second championship of the night.

Level 39 to 43

There were 4 contestants in this division and the first match pitted Drevon (39 shadowknight) vs Kenlaein (42 ranger). This match went down to the wire with Drevon coming out on top. The other first round match was between Sumelen (42 wizard) and Khailee (42 paladin). Khailee won the match and moved into the championship round against Drevon. Khailee won this match to claim the championship.

In the 44 to 48 division there were 5 contestants. Drawing a bye in the first round was Laeoan. The first round matches were Crii (48 warrior) vs Wyndsinger (48 druid) and Troye (45 enchanter) vs Octavious (44 warrior). Crii and Troye came out victorious. In the second round, Crii drew the bye and Troye met Laeoan (45 druid). Troye also won this match and faced Crii in the finals. Crii was able to defeat Troye in this match to claim the championship.

Level 49 to 52

This division also had 5 contestants. In the first round Domm (52 enchanter) defeated Oxxan (52 shaman) and Stykos (51 paladin) got by Soulduster (51 ranger) in one of the closest fights of the night. Skythe (51 warrior) drew a first round bye and met Stykos in the semifinal match. Skythe came out on top in this one and for the second time in a row we had a Warrior vs Enchanter final. This time the enchanter came out on top and Domm was named champion.

Level 53 to 55

There were 4 contestants in this division. In the first round Jinnikinic (55 wizard) defeated Modim (53 cleric) and Lillie (54 cleric) defeated Mysstie (55 druid). In the final match of the night, Jinnikinic defeated Lillie to claim the championship.

Once again I hope everyone enjoyed the festivities. Congrats to all the champions .

Jinnikinic Leornian
55th level Wizard
Greater Scholar
Company of Valor

Following are some pictures I took from there:

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