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which lasted until March 5, 2004.

Sarnak Fortress Raid

Date: March 27, 2001

I would like to thank everyone (I won't name names because I know I would leave someone out) from CoV and Healers United who helped us out on our raid. The raid lasted until about 1:30am central and the Chancellor did appear but not till the very end, naturally. Alas, he was a cheapie and dropped nothing. :( Overall it was a succesful raid and I think most if not all had a great time. (we still need to work at starting on time better, even I do).

Through the course of the night (after most of the HU members had left), I believe two swords and two other pieces of armor dropped. (I will get the details later and add them here). So, far the raid has netted 210pp for the Guild Treasury.

I think I was probably the closest to kickin the bucket (no body died during the raid!).. at the very end there were three of us left in the room and I was evacing us to Butcher Block.. right after I started casting.. I went link dead and my DSL died on me. When I came back with my modem, my passengers had somehow got teleported, but not me.. I was all alone in a room full or Sarnak's and with hardly any mana and sow was gone.

Anyway, I managed to escape with one bubble of health and no mana. :D

Following are some pictures that I took. I now some others took some so try and get them to me, especially of me sitting in the throne chair hehe.

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