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which lasted until March 5, 2004.

Najena Raid

Date: January 4, 2001

We came, we saw, we conquered! I would like to thank Jinnikinic, Soulduster, Doel, Wargurine, Waryk, Yabon, Oxxan, Drevon, Centor, Laldyen, and Sumelan (sp?) for coming. At the end of the night Yabon won the Traveler's Pack, Yabon and Oxxan got some Terror Spines for totemic boot quest, and Doel got Najena's Flowing Black Robe for her wizard. :D

Everyone in Najena's Room - I think I got everybody somewhere in the picture.

Najena going down in flames - not quite dead yet hehe

BBQ'd DE anyone? - Doel, Yabon, Oxxan, and Mysstie hung it out and gave Najena her just deserts. Woohoo!! :)

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