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which lasted until March 5, 2004.

Kael Raid

Date: July 21, 2001

Several CoV members helped Healers United defeat many Kromriff giants on this day in Kael. I would like to thank all those who made it to the raid. If my lousy memory serves, Atana, Jinnikinic, Kenderlin, Traxxle, and Kaeran attended the raid. Viron tried to join us but was just bad timing due to our position.

Yes, thank you to all CoV members who made it to the raid even if for just a short while. I was there the whole 6 hours I think it was and raised my faction with the dragons from "Stares at you threatingly" to "amiable" that day.

One trick I learned for faction building as some of the giants were dying before I could get a spell off was to load up a fast casting, low level spell to cast on the giant first before my heavy hitting, longer casting, spells.

I used Flame Lick for this purpose.. 1.5 second casting time and only uses 10 mana I think. Not a totally useless spell though.. it does have a minor AC debuf,

I just made sure I cast it on every giant that came our way (except for multiple pulls.. I stayed away from those unengaged by others).

If memory serves I think Traxxle died once, Jinnikinic twice (sorry Jinn.. I feel bad, you were in my group.. not for lack of trying to heal you.. just went down so quick I couldn't target and heal fast enough), and Kaeran died twice making to the groups. However, the high-level rezzes helped offset that somewhat.

Congrats to Jinni, Traxxle and possible others who won rolls on armor drops.

Following is a picture I took from there:

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