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which lasted until March 5, 2004.

Hole Raid

Date: August 18, 2001

This was a multi-guild raid lead by Kumasho of Fellowship of the Phenoix. While we did not achieve our goals completely, everyone worked well together and we had a great time. A quote from Kumasho about the raid results:

"I would say that the raid was both a success and a failure. We failed because our objectives were not met. But even though no ratman guards were found and killed, the mimics drove us out and we came nowhere near the undead tower, we still advanced into the Hole with very few deaths."

We had about four things drop during the raid that was worth rolling on:

Congradulations to the Winners and thanks go out to Juror for helping out Kumasho with the Loot Master roll. :)

Following is a list of folks present on the raid that I divided up by guild. Not sure if this is something that I'll always be able to do, but I did this time:

[54 Wanderer] Mysstie (Wood Elf) <Company of Valor>
[51 Illusionist] Domm (Gnome) <Company of Valor>
[52 Wanderer] Galiana (Wood Elf) <Company of Valor>
[48 Druid] Kaeran (Half Elf) <Company of Valor>
[54 Channeler] Jinnikinic (Gnome) <Company of Valor>
[46 Cleric] Aarioch (Dark Elf) <Company of Valor>
[48 Rogue] Kenderlin (Halfling) <Company of Valor>
[47 Warrior] Skythe (Barbarian) <Company of Valor>
[54 Wanderer] Ketch (Halfling) <Fellowship of the Phoenix>
[51 Minstrel] Boonboon (Wood Elf) <Fellowship of the Phoenix>
[53 Vicar] Lisse (High Elf) <Fellowship of the Phoenix>
[51 Cavalier] Kaaelin (High Elf) <Fellowship of the Phoenix>
[47 Wizard] Comb (Erudite) <Fellowship of the Phoenix>
[54 Reaver] Jantiz (Iksar) <Fellowship of the Phoenix>
[50 Warrior] Grunthos (Human) <Fellowship of the Phoenix>
[48 Druid] Kevra (Human) <Fellowship of the Phoenix>
[52 Pathfinder] Kumasho (Half Elf) <Fellowship of the Phoenix>
[55 Troubadour] Bareldi (Human) <Fellowship of the Phoenix>
[42 Enchanter] Concordia (High Elf) <Fellowship of the Phoenix>
[57 Templar] Loral (High Elf) <Healers United>
[45 Paladin] Stonehewer (Dwarf) <Healers United>
[46 Paladin] Raom (Human) <Healers United>
[46 Cleric] Darlea (High Elf) <Healers United>
[54 Wanderer] Coelin (Wood Elf) <Healers United>
[49 Shaman] Juror (Barbarian) <Healers United>
[59 Evoker] Azile (Erudite) <Crescent Dominion>
[ANONYMOUS] Kabia <Warlords of Order and Chaos>
[50 Monk] Shampu (Iksar) <Ritual Misery>

The following were in the zone but not 100% sure if on raid (I don't think so):

[45 Warrior] Emmwun (Troll) <Champions in Arms>
[51 Reaver] Hurtun (Ogre) <Wraith>

Following are some pictures I took from there:

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