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which lasted until March 5, 2004.

ORQ Fear Raid

Date: March 14-16, 2002


First I would like to thank everyone that went along, everyone did great there. Okay, well, my pulling on Saturday could have been better, but it was my first time in Fear so I was on a steep learning curve. I feel bad for those that may have died as a result of my inexperience and slowing things down for awhile there. But, it was exciting though and gave me a new appreciation for what goes on and the amount of work required to pull one of these things off and the sacrifices many have to go through sometimes.

Juror complimented CoV on our actions and behaviour in Fear.. no complaining, did our jobs, and fit in well. I also want to compliment everyone. Anyway, I had alot of fun there.. which is a testament to the quality and teamwork of everyone there on the raid and I'm not just talking about the CoV members.

I'm not done with the write-up but I'm getting short on time today and wanted to put up what I had.

Here's a list of what all dropped (courtesy of Katalaeia):

Plane of Fear loot list - ORQ - 3/14 to 3/16
Day 1

Sloppy breakin but this time we didn't have LC just leaving us a nice clean zone. Rezzes went quickly and by the time I was rezzed the raid was already mulching.

Gem loot
1 Diamond
1 Ruby
1 Sapphire
1 Fire Opal
1 Fire Emerald (not turned in/glare)

Armor & Etc.
Druid Bracer - Lilywood
Ranger Gauntlets - Kenlaien
Ranger Axe - Breakdown
Druid Boot - Mysstie
Paladin Gauntlets - Khailee

Day 2

I'm exhausted so just going to do the lists, since I need to be up in 8 hours for Day 3.

1 Blue Diamond
1 Ruby
2 Flame Opals
2 Jacinths
2 Star Rubies

Armor & Etc
Monk Arm - Xaos
Beastlord Leg - rot
Ranger Bracer - Breakdown
Druid Arm - Mysstie
Beastlord Glove - rot
Paladin Arm - Tantricone
Paladin BP - Khailee
Beastlord Arm - rot
Druid Crown - Wiloe
Necromancer Helm - Sengyr
Necromancer Helm - rot
Wizard Headpiece - Kabia
Shadowknight Bracer - Scerina
2 x Rogue Bracer - Vaghris

We also killed the Enraged Golem, and got Kabia a piece for her Wizard epic.

Day 3

We rocked. Not much else to say

2 Diamonds
2 Blue Diamonds
1 Ruby
1 Sapphire
2 Fire Opals
1 Fire Emerald
2 Star Rubies

Armor & Etc
Beastlord Glove - rot
Cryosilk belt - Velomatic
Monk Arm - Shirl
Monk Glove - Xaos
Eyerazzia - Vaghris
Eyerazzia - Talzar
Paladin Boot - Khailee
Ranger Legs - Kenlaien
Monk Arm - Kararaz, but he died and they rotted
Monk Arm - rot, same deal as previous
Beastlord Glove - rot
Cleric Belt - Famodil
Ranger Axe - Kenlaien
Wizard Helm - Ashrine
Wizard Boot - Ashrine
Necromancer Robe - Sengyr
Necromancer Robe - rot
Shadowknight Leg - Klaostroum

Also grats to Sante on her Iksar Broodling Tear (epic quest item), and to Taluzan on the Shield of Rainbow Hues.

Gem awards
Blue Diamonds to Slasra, Sylvia, and Tachia
Diamonds to Juror, Tovarich, and Iolian

I had a blast, hope everyone else did too
Katalaeia Silverdawn
51st Season Pathfinder of Tunare
Ranger Elder, Legacy of Chaos

Following are some pictures that have been sent in:

From Khailee:

From Mysstie:

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