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which lasted until March 5, 2004.

Temple of Droga Raid

Date: April 24, 2001

I would like to thank everyone (I won't name names because I know I would leave someone out) from CoV and Healers United and some others who helped us out on our raid. I think we had some 25-30 people in all at the beginning. I would especially like to thank Dahlea of Healers United for all the rezes she did. :/

While it took us awhile to get everyone there and get going, once we did, I think most had a good time with the dungeon crawl, adventure and learning about a new place to hunt for many. There were some lessons learned that we'll use for future raids to hopefully make things run smoother, get folks ready on time, etc. :)

Through the course of the night, the only thing of note that dropped was a Drogan Obsidian Dagger: Warrior Only, Piercing, 5/25, WT 1.5, Effect: Obsidian Shatter. We did fight five goblin warders if memory serves; however, none dropped the Shroud of Nature. :( So far the raid has netted 340pp for the Guild Treasury. :D

Following are some pictures that I took. If anyone else took any, be sure to share them!

Following are some pictures provided by Jinnikinic.

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