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which lasted until March 5, 2004.

Doel's Going Away Party

Date: January 30, 2001

Doel Telamon

This party was held for Doel Telamon, a great and noble Shamaness and Master Linguist. She has been and always will be a dear friend to me and many others in Norrath, in and out of the guild. I and many others love and care for her very much. She will be sorely missed by us all while she is away at army basic and advanced training. Her last day will be around February 6th, 2001 and will return to Norrath in some 26 weeks.

While the event did have a somewhat sad note to it, we did have alot of fun with the many dueling contests at the Arena where it was held. The antics can be found in the Guild Events message forum. :) I want to thank everyone who came to show their friendship and support.

Some guests - I got quite a few of the guests that attended the party. I only took one picture.. *sighs*.. guess I wasn't thinking straight after getting drunk on red wine hehe. If anyone else took any, let me know!

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