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which lasted until March 5, 2004.

Dalnir Raid

Date: January 23, 2001

First thing I want to say is thank you to all that came. It was great to meet and hunt with you all. Yes, I know there were many frustrating moments with the LDs and the unfortunate deaths. But.. we WON!! We defeated KLY and the entire dungeon! Company of Valor rawks! Even though I did die twice, I had fun! :D

I would like to thank everyone for their patience during the corpse retrieval's and rezzes. Especially at the end. I do feel bad about all that.. I just never like anyone dying during our raids.

Thanks to Kumasho and the rest of the Fellowship of the Phoenix for helping out. Thanks to Juror and Dahlea of Healers United. Thanks to Binane, Cabernet, and Laddarrea (sp, who rezzed me first time).

Yes, we should have been able to do this with less to no deaths.. but we learn and go on. Better communication and planning. We know alot more now what we're up against with that guy.

Unfortunately, most of the good spawns were already camped, but Crny (now a member of CoV :D ) got a Crested Gi and Crested Band (Monk only no-drop items). Wargurine won the Sarnak Headgear KLY dropped. (Note: I rolled for Sebastienne and Soulduster rolled for Waryk as they both could have used it possibly). Jinnikinic then won a set of Tattered Arms. Congratulations to them all! :D

Geez.. that Kly was a tough hombre.. he resisted my stun spell and then killed me quick. I think he killed me faster than Wuoshi the dragon in Wakening Lands. LOL That guy is under-conned I think.

Kly, The Overseer's Corpse - I got quite a few of the participants in this one.

Everyone taking a nap - Wargurine sent this one in.. everyone looks so peaceful.

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