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which lasted until March 5, 2004.

Dalnir Raid

Date: May 14, 2001

I showed up almost towards the end of the raid. However, from the sounds of it, it went pretty succesful. First will be a snapshot I took followed by the recap as posted on our message board (link removed). If anyone has any other pictures, please send them to me!

Oxxan Sunstorm
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(5/15/01 10:54:36 am)
Dalnir Recap
Thank you all for coming to this event. Healers came in force which really helped balance the parties nicely.

There were 3 groups.

Group 1 (Juror, Myene, Yahriel, Catlin, Centor, Wonfu) They held the area just before the laboratory. They were pulling all the way to The Kly! I know they got 1 headgear and Crescent Gloves. But, the Crescent drops were scarce. I saw a couple of tight moments but, Everyone was safe!

Group 2 (Darela, Gleek, Sanana, Crny, Wargurine, Soulduster) They held the Church. I know there were no deaths. Saw Crny hit the escape button once. But, again no deaths. Don't know how much dropped or what Crescent armor was obtained from group 2.

Group 3 (Oxxan, Kenderlin, Drevon, Modim, Sesie, and Nilierno) We got familiar with dungeon crawling. Modim learned quite a bit since this was his first dungeon adventure. Im sure we all did. Unfortunately we were not as fortunate as the other groups. We had 3 deaths. Sesie, Kenderlin, and Nili. I had cleared a way for us to take the temple area on 1 when we got seperated or the dungeon popped. Either way it was UGLY. Modim, Kenderlin and I headed back to find Unno (a necro we adopted) Sesie, Drevon and Nili going head to head with half the dungon. There were 3 Gnolls, A Coerced Necro with pet, A coerced Dwarf that was healing like mad, an a couple of Nibblers. The fight was furious. Unno was near the tunnel to the zone hitting with area of effect spells. Since Oxxan was not in the group with them I was taking serious dammage. Ken was Stabbing like mad. Nili unfortunately got wiped out very quickly. Drevon and I were in the thick of it with mobs everywhere. Modim was on the far side healing as fast as his little fingers could summon! It was so thick at one time I could not move anywhere the mobs had me surrounded. I must have yelled 5 times for everyone to zone. But, Noble to a fault they stayed beyond hope. The damage inflicted by our band was substantial.

I had no choice. I saw Ken retreating thrusting and slashing. Drevon was heading for the zone. Modim had no chance to make the zone with us and the mobs between him and with mana exhausted and HP down gated. I turned to run for the zone and I saw the best sight I could ever have imagined. MYSSTIE! sitting in the hallway medding and Drevon healthy, ready for a fight. Well, I had the dungeon on my tail and with 45 hp. hit the zone without so much as a Howdy Do!

Shortly after Mysstie and Drevon came through. It was the stuff of High Adventure. I only wish Nili, Sesie and Ken had not had to make the Ultimate Sacrifice.

The fun was not over however. Ken's body was playing hard to get. We could not find it anywhere! Fortunately Darlea was able to find him and everyone but Sesie got a rez. She had unfortunately looted her corpse and not left anything on it.

The Start was a little rough. Lots of people had pre-positioned themselves which was great! We had only one person get lost which delayed us slightly. The biggest problem was Link Dead people. As we formed up and started to move in people started going LD. This was solved by doing some creative party juggling. The first group started in about 7:15. The second group was off around 7:30 but LD issues backed them up to around 7:45. The third group made it in at 8:00.

Sanana had to leave early which took a little firepower from the second group. Myssties timely arrival helped fill that gap.

Galiana and 3 other people showed up late. I appologize for not having a better organization for them but, the raid was going and they came in just after our big battle with the first floor mobs. I did let them know what rooms we had camped. I hope they were able to make good use of their time and were able to help the lvl 40 monk on his Epic quest.

I want to thank again Healers United for bringing some Clerics and Druids. We would have been hard pressed to make 2 strong and safe groups without you. Warg and Wonfu, you 2 were incredible with tanking and pulling. Also, thanks for being patient with me through my first raid as raid leader.

Jinn, my complements to you on organizing and leading raids. It was a unique experience that can be very stressful. Everyone should have an opportunity to lead a raid. It will really make you appreciate how important it is to get there on time and be patient. I worried about the entire group the whole time they were in there. The last thing you want is a dungeon full of dead bodies because you didnt plan the groups properly. Hopefully the rewards paid off. They did for me!

Oxxan Wrongmode
Shaman of 46 Seasons
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(5/15/01 11:42:19 am)

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Re: Dalnir Recap
Welcome to the wonderful (yet stressful at times) world of raid organizing and leading, Oxxan. You did a great job, my friend. I hope you do more events in the future (as soon as your blood pressure goes down some and your wife faction improves :) )

Thanks for inviting HU. Darlea, Gleek, Myene, Catlin, Yahriel, and I had a blast and were glad to be of service. We all got a little XP, Gleek dinged, and Catlin won the roll for the headgear.

Group 1 kicked some major booty. Wonfu was an awesome puller (with or without arrows ;) ) and even Centor killed a few Kly. We did indeed take down THE Kly... all by ourselves and while cleric was AFK. Nothing but trash dropped off all the Overseers that we killed and unfortunately only the crescent gloves dropped for Centor. I had to canni a little more than usual during a few battles (pathing was kind of messed up and mobs kept getting stuck in the door) but thanks to the loan of Iksar ceremonial BP from Wonfu for the raid, I could do the dance without using hardly any mana. (Thanks again, Wonfu.) We would have stayed longer if we could have (and if Myene hadn't decided to go check out never fail forge, lost invis, and sent us all dashing to the portal when room respawned :lol )

Sorry that Crny didn't make it in time to get the other pair of gloves and that Group 3 ran into some trouble. Next time will be better I am sure.

Juror Seraphim
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(5/15/01 2:18:11 pm)
Re: Dalnir Recap
I thought the Raid was a blast even though The Crescent was nil to none. I forgot to give that cool looking weapon back to Soul.. Srry i dont remember name Please remind me to do so if you see me on.

Thx's to everyone in my group for keeping me alive :)
(Junor i got a dance you have to see)

Crny Loyal Member of CoV
Iksar Monk of 24th Fist
May Cazic-thule Bless you
(hope it worked this time)
Jinnikinic Leornian
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(5/15/01 3:01:25 pm)
Re: Dalnir Recap
Sounds like you guys had a blast. I wish I could have been there but sometimes ya just can't :( . Maybe I can get in on the next one.

Guild Officer
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(5/15/01 5:23:09 pm)
Soulduster Headshot
Re: Dalnir Recap
For the most part, Group 3 ran down everything that they came up against. Poor little Sarnk's did not have a chance against the likes of the mighty Wargurine. At one point he had a run of critical hits going against a goo the likes that are only seen in epics. Must of had at least 10 in a row. As far as loot, probably made about 100 pp or so. No monk armor though. The items we did get were:

1. Sarnak Emblazoned Tabard - AC 14 +10 HP, +10 sav vs magic. I think it was for all classes except pure casters.

2. Sarnak Ceremonial Sword - 2 Hit slash, 8 damage, 34 delay, +20 HP, +10 save vs magic. War Pal Rng Shd

3. Sarnak Eitchatka - 1 hit slash, secondary, 7 damage, delay 33, +3 dex, +15 HP, War Rng Bard Rog

Next time I see Mysstie, will turn them over to guild. If anyone from raid is interested in these items. Post here on the board. As far as the 2 hand bash thingy that droped, might as well keep that if you like it Crny. Looks cool :)

Loving Husband to Mysstie
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(5/17/01 1:09:11 pm)
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Re: Dalnir Recap
I can't wait to see your new dance, Crny, you sexy lizzie you :)


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