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which lasted until March 5, 2004.

Cazic Thule Raid

Date: May 15, 2001

This was our first raid on Cazic Thule. Thanks to everyone that came from both CoV and Healers United as well as some friends. Most of the places we wanted were camped, but we managed to get into the Avatar of Fear room. The main objective (other than having fun) was to get some Ravenscale Armor for our rogue's, alas none dropped. The Avatar of Fear did spawn however and dropped the Bladded Thulian Claws. Mysstie won the roll with a 100, but, let the next highest roller, Drevon, have the claws.

I would also like to thank Auburn for returning my shovel.. LOL!

Following are a few snapshots I took. If anyone has any other pictures, please send them to me!

Following are some snapshots taken by Jinnikinic, thanks!

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