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which lasted until March 5, 2004.

The Tale of Wargurine Moneygrubber

Wargurine's life started off like any other barbarian child's, playing in the snow and swimming in the frigid lake. Wargurine's life was almost cut short one blistery afternoon. While playing with his friends in the Halas lake, poor Wargurine got ran over by the ferry, knocking him unconscious and sending him to the bottom of the lake to a watery death. Luckily for him, a guard from the far off tundra happened to be coming back in to report and heard the thud of Wargurine's thick head and the screams from his friend, Grendyle. With the reflexes born of guarding Halas from the many marauding monsters in the icy tundra, Bandl McMarrin jumped from the shuttle and came to young Wargurine's rescue. That whole experience decided Wargurine's future. The young lad then began to hero worship the strong warrior, indelibly leading to his training as a Wolf of the North. With much work and dedication Wargurine soon became stronger and tougher by far than any other lad his age. He soon went out with the trusty short sword his father gave him and worked to make the tundra around his home a safer place. After slaying an untold amount of gnoll pups and goblin whelps he was ready for tougher game. He then hunted the polar bears and their cubs for their much-valued skins, often trading them to the tanner in Halas for armor. About this time the Orcs became to be much more aggressive, and killing the mammoths and the mammoth calves, the lively hood of the barbarians. Young Wargurine went out, with other young warriors, shamans, and rogues to end the orc threat, and to bring home meat, tusks, bones, and hides of the mammoths. Wargurine got much acclaim for his deeds, and his head was filled with notions of grandeur. Soon after the village was safe once again, Wargurine headed to the distant fields of West Karana, to try and save the innocent travelers from the lawless bandits. After a few seasons the bandits where quite scared of Wargurine and would try to look as innocent as they could whenever he was near. A few years later, Wargurine headed to the much more distant South Karana, when news of the Split Paw Gnoll army finally reached the distant tundra. By this time Wargurine wasn't as young as he used to be, but he knew his duty was to protect the people. So with a resigned sigh, he grabbed his trusty sword and strapped on him shield, and went back to battle. There was always news of a new army of monsters threatening the realms of Norrath, and Wargurine has traveled far and wide, trying to protect the innocents of Norrath, and he travels still...

Wargurine Moneygrubber

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