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which lasted until March 5, 2004.

The Story of Oxxan Sunstorm

It was cold, the blood chilling, and bone-numbing cold only know to the inhabitants of Halas and its surrounding area. The wind blew the ice crystals around making razor sharp mini projectiles like a flurry of stinging bees. It was on this the coldest day ever recorded.

Oxxan's parents were traveling from permafrost where his father, a merchant of incredible reputation, had completed negotiations with the goblins. Loaded down with platinum and a wife ready to give birth made the journey slow. Just short of the guard Bendl, Oxxan's mother could wait no longer. In a fit of pain and anguish on the slopes of the ridge Oxxan was born. It was a difficult birth for Oxxan was large, even by barbarian standards. He grew quickly in the warmth and love provided for by his parents. He started learning the merchant trade from his father and began to settle into the thought of being a merchant. The travel and adventure of visiting other people and providing long sought after merchandise.

Dufrenite Gems were the main trade. These rare gems were highly prized in West Karana. Oxxan's aunt, a Barbarian warrior by trade had retired there and opened up a small shop. She was a fighter of renown and was at one time captain of the guard in West Karana. She still wears her plate armor should you happen to see her. It was on one of these trips that tragedy struck.

Oxxan and his father were traveling to his aunts when out of the sky came a huge bird. It had long powerful claws and swooped down with the speed of lightning. Its long beak tearing and claws ripping, eyes wild with anger and pain as Oxxan's father defended them. He was no match for the beast, a Griffene. Oxxan remained under the small cart hiding and cowering in fear. Helpless but to watch, as his father's life was ripped apart before his eyes, his corpse was eaten by the horrible beast leaving only the indelible memory of his cowardly act. Upon arriving at his aunt's house he explained the terrible events. It was these events that set into motion what was to become the turning point in Oxxan's life.

Oxxan's aunt began the training. A skilled warrior she molded Oxxan into a fighting machine. Training for 1 year every day he quickly made up the time and training given to others at birth. He studied war. He lived for battle. He fought like a demon possessed of the knowledge that death in battle is swift and honorable while the life of a coward is forever spent in shame. This experience humbled Oxxan and to this day he greets everyone by bowing his head to reinforce the shame of his inability to act.

After spending his year of warrior training he returned to Halas. This was going to be a joyous event, a reuniting of mother and son in their happy home in Halas. Again, tragedy struck just the day before his arrival home. His mother, having to continue the trade with the goblins of permafrost, was attacked by the dreaded Icy Orc's. Jealous of the trade relations between the goblins of permafrost and the merchants of Halas, they attacked and killed her using powerful magic. The Goblins were to provide protection to Oxxan's mother but on this day they did not. She was traveling alone when they struck. She ran for her life. She made the South Tower in the hopes that a hunting party would be there. Alas, it was not to be. Destiny had decreed that there would be nobody there. Alone and scared Oxxan's mother was killed at the South Tower in Everfrost. The citizens of Halas were outraged. A bounty was quickly placed on the head of every goblin. Oxxan was beside himself with rage. The loss of both parents so quickly steeled his resolve to never run, to act with honor above all else and to learn the mystic ways.

After another year of training under Stern at the ruined temple, Oxxan was ready to begin the ways of the Shaman! His early seasons were spent eliminating the goblins but the merchant in him came through too. He hunted polar bear cubs and later polar bears. The finer bearskins he sold. This coupled with his family inheritance provided him with a unique opportunity to acquire some much-needed equipment. During his hunting he made many friends. The warrior Waryk and Oxxan began hunting together on the ridge where Oxxan was born during their 6th season. Waryk and Oxxan became fast friends and accomplished hunters.

Sanana was another Shaman that Oxxan became friends with. His first recollection was her running around trying to kill everything that passed by the hunting trail out in front of the entrance to the Halas ramp. She was so busy killing and looting that she didn't stop to see that Oxxan was trying to give her some equipment that she desperately needed. He finally got her attention and she gratefully accepted the offered gifts.

One day Oxxan came upon his friend Waryk and noticed that he had joined the Company of Valor. Waryk sang the praises of this guild and encouraged Oxxan to join. Oxxan being the careful one researched this group of adventurers. Looking for a family after his was wiped out was no easy task. Soon Sanana had joined the Company of Valor and Oxxan was again seriously looking to join. He had read the literature, learned the history and was ready to become a member of Company of Valor! It happened on a cold winters day at the South Tower the site of Oxxan's mothers last moments. It was fitting that the place for the end of one family be the beginning of a new family. Kits Panther was the Officer who initiated Oxxan into the Company of Valor in his 11th season.

After Oxxan and Waryk had reached their 13th season the vast ice plane of Everfrost lost its charm. Oxxan was eager to travel again to the plains of Karana where he and his father had traveled in his youth. But, Oxxan was now much wiser and much better able to handle himself. Freeport, the bustling human city on the coast would be their destination. But, that story is for another day.

Oxxan chose the name Sunstorm with the arrival of his 20th season; Sun for the bright light of knowledge, warmth, and giver of life, storm for his violent beginnings and the turmoil that is forever locked inside.

To this day Oxxan does not salute strangers or other members of Company of Valor in the traditional greeting between warrior brothers. He still bows his head forever the reminder of the events that started him on his Ever Quest!

Oxxan Sunstorm

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