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which lasted until March 5, 2004.

Mysstie Wolfestar

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Mysstie Wolfestar

The following I was told by a wolven spirit during a mystic ceremony to give unto me my name of Wolfestar; however, until this ceremony I myself could not recall, perhaps due to the horrific nature of it:

I was born some years ago in a small peaceful woodelf village some distance from the great woodelf city of Kelethin. I had a happy home filled with love and all was carefree without a worry. Alas, this was shattered one dark night. A pack of wild beasts had attacked our village. I heard someone scream "Run for your lives the gnolls have" and then screams of horror from this poor soul. My mother gathered me in her arms and with my father we ran towards a forested valley below which was enshrouded in a misty fog. It was believed that santuary could be found here. These hounds from hell were too fast, they tore the villagers into shreds.. screams of terror and moans of those dying and being eaten alive could be heard everywhere.

One was catching us and I screamed to my mother and father to run faster.. but my father was too slow and was taken down and eaten first. Then my mother threw me forward and told me to run as she was being taken down from behind. I was trying to run towards the mist in the woods, feeling claws striking my feet. I looked up and through my tears saw streak of light come from the brightest star in the sky.. this light enveloped me and I was filled with energy, and with both a calmness and a fierce desire to survive and fight at the same time. The wind blew in my face and the trees sped by me.. the beast could not keep up. I ran into the mist and then all went silent and dark.

The following is what I can remember:

I awoke under a tree in the company of a high-elf priestess, with her warm hands running through my hair. I asked who she was and where I was. She said her name was Kelsie Stargazr, a priestess of Tunare, the Mother of All, and that I was in Misty Forest. She said that while she was looking at the stars, she saw something and knew that a special event had occured, that a new druid had been chosen. She asked what my name was and who my parents were, but I could not remember. She thought for awhile, looked up, and then looked around, and said that since she found me laying in the Misty Forest, that my name would be Mysstie and that now, Tunare was my mother, and the Wolf my father.

Kelsie also had under her care a ranger who came to be known as Marconious Starrdust. His parents had met a similar fate in Surefall Glade. Marconious and I grew to love each other as brother and sister. Through the next serveral years Kelsie taught me the healing ways and the spirits of the tree, the mist and rain, and my father, the wolf, taught me the druidish ways. During this time, Kelsie and I grew to love each other as companions, and more. However, we had to leave each other's side as we all knew we had to pursue each one's destiny and calling. This was both a sad and an exciting time. However, we continued to see each other in our dreams.

I practiced my skills near the great Elvin city of Kelethin. Here I stayed until my 6th season. While many others chose to fight the mortal enemies of Kelethin, the Crushbone Orcs, I knew my destiny lie elsewhere. I happened across another druid, Teglail, who seemed to have a similar calling as mine. We hunted together for awhile around Kelethin and grew fond of each other. We thought that before we set on our journey, that joining a guild would be beneficial. The first one we joined, I knew in my heart was not right for me. I pursuaded Teglail that we should find another and I noticed someone from Healers United was around and told them I was interested. They forwarded me to Roald and he seemed to be a kind, warm individual. The rest they say is history, I know in my heart I have found my home. :)

Once I entered my 14th season, something profound had changed in my life, I myself could give the gift of speed that was bestowed upon me by the Wolf Star so long ago in my moment of need, to others, the Spirit of the Wolf. Being able to cast this on a needy soul fills me with such joy and love as I know my father, the Wolf, is letting me bestow his gift on others so that they may outrun their demons.

I stayed with Teglail in Blackburrow till nearly my 16th season, fighting the snakes and gnolls with almost reckless abondon and vengence, though at the time I did not know why this strong hatred for gnolls was present. After slaying the Commander of these foul, wretched beasts, I felt somewhat more content, but not fully. I then began to explore other parts of Norrath and became good friends with many in Healers United, especially with Dahlea, who, even though we are different in many ways, adopted me as her little sister :). It was also at this time that mine and Teglail's paths began to drift apart from one another as is the nature of things and the Wolf at times.

It was in my 18th season that I came across another outpost of these hell hounds as I call them, the gnolls of Highpass. I engaged these mangy mutts until I entered my 20th season. This is when I completed the naming ceremony and became known as Mysstie Wolfestar. At first when I learned of my past and my Woodelf parent's death, I was angry at my father, the Wolf, for sparing my life and not theirs and the other villagers... why me? It was then that I learned that only those chosen to be Druids by the Mother Tunare, can be directly affected by my father, the Wolf, and that only these chosen Druids are able to bestow the Spirit of my father, the Wolf, onto others. Thus it with the Love of my Mother Tunare, and the Love of my Father, the Wolf, and the love of life itself that I cast this on others.

At this point I decided to enter the great castle of High Keep to give my gift of life and speed and to help with the never-ending war with the goblins that seem to think the castle is their home as well. It was here, around my 22nd season, that I came to meet Soulduster, a friend and guildmate of Company of Valor that my brother, Marconious, had spoken to me about in my dreams. We talked about the many great deeds that my brother had performed and the adventures and loves of his life.

It was then that I learned of a tragedy in Marconious's life. His wife and hunting companion, Starrliter Starrdust, of many years had been slain by the goblins of Runnyeye and forever lost in a sacrificial ceremony. This loss was more than he could bear and he retreated to his home in Surefall Glade. Much time had passed since he was last seen in Norrath and his guildmate's feared that he must have perished while avenging his wife's death or had perhaps retired from the hunt and they missed his friendship and leadership.

During our conversations and battles together while I reached my 25th season, Soulduster and I fell in love with one another and agreed to marry each other. Perhaps it was because he saw similar qualities in me that my brother had as he and the other guild members of Company of Valor asked if I could take over where my brother, Marconious, had left off as the guild was beginning to suffer from his loss.

It was at this time that I had to make the hardest decision of my life to this point. After many consultations with those that meant the most to me and the searching of my own soul, I knew I had to join Company of Valor and lead it as my brother had done and would have wished. Part of me is still with Healers United, however, and I will always stay in touch with all my sisters and friends there.

While Healers United does not form official alliances, I feel that we both will work together and make Norrath a better place to live.

Be safe, and good (swift) journies to all!
Mysstie Wolfestar

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