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which lasted until March 5, 2004.

Jinnikinic Leornian

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Jinnikinic Leornian

Hello, My name is Jinnikinc Leornian and this is my story.

I was born south of the Dragonscale hills in a small fishing village on the shores of the Timorous Deep. My father Binabik was the Watchman of the village just like his father Dinnibik was before him and I looked forward to joining the Gemchoppers and someday being a Watchman too. My mother Savyn is the daughter of the great gnomish wizard Tobyn Starpyre and is the village healer. I have one brother named Dinikin and one sister named Minnikinic. Life was good and we were happy. Then one day something happened that changed our lives forever.

It was a lazy summer day and a tall dark skinned man appeared in our village. I later found out his name was Al'Kabor and he was of Erudish descent. No one in our village had ever seen an Erudite before so rumors of why he was here were spreading through the village. He told my father that a great evil was loose that would threaten the very existence of the gnomish kingdom. He came to our house and met with my father for a long time. Being a child I thought nothing of it and went to bed as usual with happy thoughts of a fishing trip the next day. Later that night though I was awakened by voices down stairs so I went to see what was going on. My father and Al'Kabor were looking at an ancient book. The text was written in a language I had never seen before. Al'Kabor said "You know you have to go. I have not come all this way to fail now". Al'Kabor turned to look my way and I got scared and went back to bed. That was the last time I saw my father. The next morning all that was left was the book and my fathers journal. The last entry simply said " What evil is this that woud end the world as we know ." Thus I began my journey to find my father.

I left the village and headed to Ak'Anon. No one there had ever heard of Al'Kabor except Tobyn. He told me that the gnomes mining in the Lavastorm mountains had tapped into something evil and was in danger of letting it loose on the world. He said a secret expedition had been sent there to take care of the problem. I also learned that the book was a book of wizardry and I decided to follow in my grandfathers footsteps and become a wizard. I figured if that book had something to do with my fathers disappearance that I should learn all I could about it.

I trained in and around Ak'Anon until my 12th season and then headed to the Lavastorm mountains to try to find out what happened to the expedition. I stayed there until my 16th season but never heard anything about what had happened. I left Lavastorm and headed to Qeynos and shortly after that 2 more events happened that changed my life again.

One day in the Qeynos hills I met a Barbarian Shaman that was interested in learning to speak all the languages of Norrath. Well since I had the book that I couldnt read I was also interested in this. As most of you know this barbarian turned out to be no other than Doel Telamon. At that time she was in a guild called the Elite Knighthood. We studied languages for many months and finally became fluent in all 24 languages of Norrath. During this time we struck a friendship that I hold dear to my heart. About the same time, I started trying to help the citizens of Highpass Hold in their fight against the orcs and goblins that plague the area. This is where I met a human ranger named Soulduster who also happened to be in the Elite Knighthood. I asked Doel about becoming a member but she said that the guild was unfortunatly headed for demise since the leader had become missing in action. I didnt give the matter anymore thought and went on with my search for my father.

The second event occured outside of Kaladim. I had run into Doel again and she had told me of a new guild. Of course this guild is called the "Company of Valor" I told her I wanted to join and I was inducted into the guild.

Soon after joining the guild my adventures took me to the wild continent of Kunark. While exploring there I came across another ancient book. In this book I found the power of transformation. This gave me the power to turn into a lizard. While in lizard form I have powers that I cant access in gnomish form but each form is limited in abilities to what I have learned in that form. The transformation doesnt come without a price though and even though I still am intrigued by the dark powers in the book, I stay in gnomish form most of the time.

Well that pretty much brings us to the present day. I am honered to be a part of this guild and If I can ever help any of you don't hesitate to ask. And If you happen to see a little gnomish Watchman named Binabik please let me know

Good luck to you all
Jinnikinic Leornian
Greater Scholar
Company of Valor

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