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which lasted until March 5, 2004.

The Life of Doel Telamon


There really isn't much to tell about my early years. My parents, Douglas and Holiana Telamon, were merchants in fine magical items in Halas. My earliest years were mostly spent in the Tundra around the region of Halas because I couldn't stand the ignorance of most of the people in my village. I tried to work as a waitress in the village inn but after the 3rd time I broke a bottle over a drunks head I was told to go home. The guards were the only ones that I truly respected among the bunch of course they didn't call me "wee prissy girl" either and they saved my life more then once especially Brandl McMarrin.

I will never forget the true turning point in my life when I was roaming aimlessly around the Tundra poking in among the ruins some beings had left behind (I always wondered what could have created such works of wonder) When I came upon a ruined tower and a huge door way into the cliff face. From inside I heard something speaking in the strangest tongue and this intrigued me. I walked boldly into the opening to explore this place. Soon I would learn my mistake however when a literally a Giant voice screamed at me and its fist soon followed. I ran from that place faster then I have ever run before. My legs were growing tired though and I knew my doom was approaching as the ground shook beneath my tired body when I heard a cry "For the Wolves of the North!!" and as the giant reached me Brandl McMarrin leaped into its path. The fight that followed was tremendous and I new that not even Brandl could stand for long against this foe. I wished for something I could to do help but there was nothing I could do but watch. But Brandl was still fighting for one for five for ten minutes he battled still! Then with a final mighty blow Brandl took off the head of what I would eventually come to find out was a Ice Giant. "Get off the Ground lass and help me get to a healer im hurt bad" he said to me at last and with what strength I could gather I carried this great man to the Shamans guild for healing, Don't ask how I managed to carry this very large man but somehow I did. As I watched them heal him with their magics I knew that this was what I wanted to do with my life.

In my travels and studies with the Shamans of the North I learned much. My parents refused to help me because they knew that finding my own way I would learn the most. As I traveled from beyond the North fighting my way through The Gnolls of Blackburrow and into other lands of Norrath I came upon strange beings and creatures that would speak and I would not understand. I finally found an elf that showed me about the different languages of Norrath and how to learn them. A friend of mine at the time Zuthor introduced me to Marconious of the Elite Knighthood were he invited me in and I made many friends and here is were I met my love Axium Aurablade the sweetest strongest warrior I had ever met I miss him still and pray to the Tribunal for justice in his return.

I at this time met a cute lil gnome outside of Blackburrow who happened to be standing there when Axium and I were discussing languages and how I might learn them. I will never forget looking down at the little creature named Jinnikinic as he told me that he too wanted to learn languages and from then on we studied them together and I created a friendship I would never forget and as the Elite Knighthood fell and the Company of Valor arose I asked him to become a member of this fine guild with me and to my great excitement he accepted. He is one of the few people that I have found worthy to invite in to this greatest of guilds.

Now approaches a time when I much go on a secret mission for a while. I will miss you all dearly when I am gone but remember that I will return and I pray to the Tribunal that you will all be here when I do return.

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