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which lasted until March 5, 2004.


Date: Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Rules of conduct

As the name of the guild implies, members of the Company of Valor shall act with honor, respect, and courtesy to the citizens of Norrath at all times. Members will help those in need or in peril whenever possible (this does not mean giving money or items to persistent beggars, or leaving a group to help someone which may cause undo harm to the group). We shall also strive to gain as much knowledge about the dangers and benefits within the realms we adventure. We seek only mature individuals who display similar traits to join our ranks. Kill Stealers, Loot Hoggers, Beggars, intentional Trainers, and those of other un-noble characteristics will not be allowed.

Members shall display their guild tag at all times. Do not go into anonymous mode via the options menu as this causes the guild tag to disappear in game. Use the /roleplay command if you must to hide your class, level, and current zone momentarily. It has the same effect as going anonymous but your guild tag is still visible and your name turns purple. Now that Verant has fixed the problem of people not showing up when in roleplay during a /who "company of valor" all command, I don't mind as much if you do it now. I use roleplay mode often myself. However, try to use it as little as possible as it's kind of nice to see where everyone is adventuring :).

Before helping someone with a struggle, ask if they require help first, if they have not already yelled for such. A good way to judge this is to look at their health and then the creature's. If they have but a sliver of health left, then by all means pump some heals into them and/or provide other assistance.

There will be those occassions when a clash of opinions will occur which may even cause you to become angry; however, try to keep all discussions in private tells and not in /shout or /ooc across a whole zone. This not only makes you look bad but us as well. Also, if you are upset, try to think before you speak and say something you may regret later. Many ruffled feathers are often the result of misunderstanding or miscommunication, such is the limitation of the type written world in which we play.

No member shall use foul language (cussing) or ethnic slurs that are directed towards an individual. The occasional outburst such as "Shi t! or Fuc k! I died" or "Some as shole trained me!" will be tolerated as it's something we all do in frustration. A continious stream or tiraid of such language in guildchat, however, will be frowned upon and result in a tell from an officer to chill-out as that does get on everyone's nerves, even the most tolerant and in many cases will cause you to loose the respect of fellow guildmates for being such a potty-mouth. Most of us are adults and common sense pretty much applies and we are aware that what is considered foul language is fairly subjective based on one's beliefs and culture. If you do not wish to have your children possibly be exposed to such language in the game, our suggestion is to turn the bad word filter on, especially since we have no control over what is said in /ooc, /shout, chat channels, and so on.

Joining Company of Valor

Anyone wishing Company of Valor must be sponsored as well as completing a Membership Questionaire/Information Sheet which will be sent via email after you have a sponsor. Quoting from Oxxan's contribution about being a sponsor, "How do I get a sponsor: Run with members of Company of Valor. This is the easiest way to work together with members of our Guild. It provides you with valuable information on our members and their actions. It also provides them with information about you. Know members of Company of Valor in the real world." The officer, sponser, and new member will get together to perform the invitation ceremony. If it is not possible for all to meet in person, all have to at least be online at the same time. The officer will then talk with both parties and if the new recruit is deemed worthy, they shall be admitted. The officer will make sure the new member knows the website, how to use guildchat, and how to check for members in the guild that are currently online, and what requirements the new member must meet (see below).

The sponsorship does not apply to a current member creating a secondary character which they also wish to the join the guild; however, they must complete the Questionaire as well at some point as it serves the purpose to get the information to me to add to the membership list and get a password back to you. The member's current character that is already in the guild must tell me or another officer about this wish. A new character saying, "Hey this is so and so" will not work.

Requirement of new member/members

The new member must post a message in the new member's forum (link removed) on the message board introducing themselves to the guild within the one month probabtionary period. This serves two purposes, let's everyone get to know you a little better and it shows to us that you know the website and message board. The website and message board is a vital communication tool for the guild. Members should also keep their membership information up to date. Failure to post a message during the one month probationary period may be grounds for dismissal unless sufficient reason is given as to why this has not been done via an email to the guild leader or officer. (browser problems, etc.)

What does it mean to be a sponsor?

As a sponsor you are recommending we admit a player into our ranks. They will become a brother or sister to ALL the other members of Company of Valor. You are vouching that their character and honor is above reproach. That their actions will be in the HIGHEST traditions of Company of Valor. The sponsor is responsible for the new members introduction to the guild. The Sponsor is the first contact for questions regarding the Guild and who and what we are all about. As a sponsor you have, on your word, committed all the members of the guild and the new member to a relationship that will bring more enjoyment and fun to themselves and those in our Guild.

Sponsors must be present at the actual Invite ceremony.

Leaving Company of Valor

A member may leave Company of Valor anytime they wish. I would request that you let me know your reasons for leaving, especially if due to a grievance with the guild itself or one of its members in case a solution can be worked out. No member of Company of Valor shall treat someone leaving the guild with disrespect or dishonor.

If you leave under amiable terms, any alts you still have in the guild may remain. If you leave under non amiable terms, such as: in a moment of anger, are asked to leave or are forceably removed from the guild, then your alts will be removed as well. If you left the guild with no indication as to why, an officer may contact you for an explanation. A determination will then be made to remove your alts as well or not.

Re-Joining Company of Valor

If you left Company of Valor for whatever reason and wish to rejoin, an application is required. There are some stipulations however.

If your character left Company of Valor under favorable terms and you still have alts in the guild, then your main or whatever character it was that left, may re-join without any problem. Essentially the same scenario as wanting an alternate to join. If you do not have any alternates in the guild but left under favorable terms, there should be no problem as well.

If your character left under non-favorable terms such as in a momentary fit of anger and you have since calmed down, it will be handled case by case. You will need to discuss with an officer why you left the guild and why you wish to rejoin. At that point your reinstatement will be voted on with a possible probabtionary period.

If your character was asked to leave or forceably removed from the guild, then you will not be allowed to rejoin.

Power Leveling

For those that don't know, this is when a highly seasoned adventurer assists a lower level one to hunt foes much stronger than they normally could and thus gain experience faster than normal. (the higher level person heals the other and/or finishes off the creature after it is below half health, giving the XP to the lower level member instead.) My stance and therefore the guild's stance on power leveling is that it is up to the individual member(s) to decide if they wish to help power level someone. It is not a requirement that members will power level others or that members should expect to be power leveled. Many members are, however, glad to do so. You must remember, we all want to gain seasons... hehe.

Item Trading/Selling/Giving

Most of this is common sense I think.


I thought about not even saying anything about this as it has the potential to cause disagreements. Most people do/have done this, including myself. Just use discretion. There are purists who believe each character should gain/acquire things on their own and without the help of another higher level character the player may have. However, there's no way to enforce a "no-twinking" policy. Afterall, who's to say they just didn't get lucky and were given items by others (guild members, personal friends, on-line friends made through role-playing, or the rare occasion someone deletes a character and gives stuff away.. Marconious got some items this way).

Along this line, we are not a "twinking" guild. Do not expect us to twink your newly joined character to the max. The "good" items will come as you progress in seasons.

Asking higher seasoned members to get/camp items, or do a quest for you.

Guild Sponsored Raid Loot Distribution Rules

Please read the separate Loot Distribution Rules.

Guild Vault/Treasury

The guild vault and treasury has been setup as a place for guild members to donate items to the guild in general to be used by anyone who can. Unless otherwise told, these items belong to the guild and must be returned when you no longer need them and are not to be sold. Perishable items (spells, runes, words, potions, quest items etc) are obvious exceptions. Every so often in may be necessary to perform some "vault cleaning" and sell off duplicate items. The funds generated go into the guild Treasury.

Guild Wars

Hopefully there will never be a need for an actual Guild War. Company of Valor shall not actively seek to war with or say derogatory things about another Guild. Norrath has enough problems of it's own with the vile creatures that seek to maim and destroy its citizens, whom we are vowed to help and protect. If a particular situation arises, bring it to the attention of the Guild Leader and let the Guild Leader deal with the parties involved.

The exception to this would be one of a friendly war games type setting in which us and the other guild are on friendly terms with one another and simply wish to have fun and test each other's skills in battle with much drinking and merriment associated with the event. :) Even in this setting, Company of Valor will not act in a dishonorable fashion with the other guild.

Asking questions of officers/members/guild in general

We all know how fast things scroll by and even out of the text buffer in the middle of a fight, so give other members the benefit of the doubt and ask a few times if you don't get an immediate response from guild chat or a personal tell. If you happen to see a personal tell fly by, try to respond with a quick "In fight" or some other message to let the person know you're occupied.

Guild Organization (Officers)

The guild will consist of one Guild Leader (Empress or Emperor) and possibly a co-leader with officer creation/removal abilities as a back-up (Currently, no co-leaders) and a number of officers as deemed necessary. Note: not everyone will become an officer (many may not want it anyway); however, every member's input is valued. Trust me, a guild full of officers is a bad thing.. some have left their guild to join ours because of that. Remember.. we are all members of Company of Valor. In that respect we are all equal as brothers and sisters.

How is a new officer decided upon or made?

When deemed that a new officer should be made due to the growth of the guild and/or a member has displayed the qualities befitting an officer: one that upholds the ideals of Company of Valor, active both in and out of game, and displayed commitment to Company of Valor, they shall be nominated by an existing officer in the officer's forum. A discussion will commence concerning the worthiness, character, and deeds of the nominee(s) and a vote will be made. If the nominee(s) are voted to be an officer, the member will then be contacted by the Guild Leader to inform them and discuss what is expected of an officer and some of the sacrifices that come with it (such as being expected to attend officer meetings at the expense of play time and dealing with member questions and concerns). If they agree, the guild leader will make them an officer. Finally, while a member can possibly be nominated at any time, which gives the rest of us notice to keep a watchful eye, it is up to the descretion of the Guild Leader, with advise from current officers, when new officers shall be voted on.

Should only the main character of an officer be allowed to have invite ability?

It was voted that only the main character be listed as an officer; however, for convenience sake, secondary characters can be given invitation power. Afterall, it is really the player that has been made the officer. For example, only Davnia, being that it was his main, would be listed as an officer. His other characters may or may not also have invite ability if he wishes. Purely a game mechanics issue and one of convenience.

How does one remain an officer?

By upholding the ideals of Company of Valor, staying active both in-game and out of game (message board, etc), by following the invitation of new members properly, and by attending officer meetings should I schedule one (obviously RL taken into effect). I would consider someone being inactive if one of their characters has not been played for 3 months without notice or reason given to me.

Officer Responsibilities